Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements, Health Foods, Teas, Natural Cosmetics, Herbal Ingredients, Phytochemicals Manufacturing

What we do

We manufacture health products, natural cosmetics & herb ingredients for businesses that want to market products in their brand.

HimPharm offer's itself to companies & individuals as an outsourced sustainable resource for their manufacturing needs.

Our vision​

Everyone should have access to great quality natural products.

Our Why

To enable others to easily market & sell the best quality, genuine & safe herb based health supplements, natural cosmetics and ayurvedic products.

Products you can source from HimPharm

Vitamins, Minerals & Amino Acids

Combination of Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Botanical Herbs, Extracts and Nutraceuticals
Multiple or poly herb ayurvedic capsules container in white label

Single Herb

Single herb extracts & nutritional supplements

White HDPE Capsueles Container HimPharm

Multi Herb

Multi Herb Supplements for many health concerns

Men women health products at HimPharm

Men & Women

Men's & Women's health products & Aphrodisiacs

Baby care packing in White Label at HimPharm

Personal Care

Shampoos, conditioners, shower gels & washes

White Label packing for teas at HimPharm


Caffeinated & Decaf Teas or Tisanes

White Label Gels, Cream & Lotion Jar


natural cosmetics including Gels, creams & lotions

White Label Honey 250 grams jar


Honey & honey with herbs and natural extracts

White Label Handmade Vegetarian Glycerine Soap


Handmade vegetarian natural & gentle soaps

Standardised Extracts


193 Total Standardised Extracts

Oils for Hair & Body in White Label


Natural herb enriched oils for skin & Hair

Herb powders and supplements in white label


Powdered herb mixes & health foods

Natural Juice 500 ml bottle in white label


Natural health juices with herbs & aloe

Personal Care White Label products at HimPharm

Baby Products

herb enriched baby & child skin products

HimPharm's Services for Products in Your Label

New Product Development

HimPharm develops new products from scratch to meet your customized product requirements.

HimPharm offers Premium Design services that help create a unique identity for your product.

Product & Packing Concepts

HimPharm develops a product from scratch. In addition based on your market and product requirement HimPharm also offers to develop concepts around your product and packing.

Concepts for product packing & packaging

End to End Total Solutions

HimPharm offers full stack services for your label, white label, private label & contract manufacturing needs. HimPharm is a one stop solution to all your product sourcing needs under one roof.

End to End all solutions under one roof
Scale from small to big batch or lots manufacturing with ease

Scalable manufacturing

HimPharm offers services that enables you to quickly & rapidly scale your product sourcing from small quantities to larger & very large quantities to meet market demand. HimPharm can easily & rapidly scale production from 200 units to more than 20,000 SKUs.

HimPharm offers logistic solutions & delivery through Air, Sea & Road on domestic and international deliveries of its products. These are provide through Door to Door, Airport to Airport or Port to Port deliveries.


HimPharm provides at an extra cost the option to warehouse finished goods, goods in process & raw inputs for your sourcing needs. 

Warehousing at HimPharm

International Trade Solutions for global business

HimPharm offers international trade solutions for your label, white label, private label & contract manufacturing to reach any where in the world. HimPharm’s Global Trade Solution enable seamless availability of your products any where in the world.

HimPharm caters to Global & Local business

HimPharm offers product documents and helps you with meeting your regulatory requirements. HimPharm provides documentation to help you clear import clearances into your country & documentary support to help register products in your country, if required. 

Third Party Testing

HimPharm works with accredited, approved and internationally recognized testing laboratories to validate product quality, synchronize method of testing & to provide globally acceptable quality products that meet your requirements.

HimPharm's Quality Assurance & Commitment
Our Latest Projects
Some of HimPharm's Latest White Label, Private Label, Contract Manufacturing Projects
MamaEarth Milk Tea
VMadhu Alpha & Beta Honey
Cometics & Skin Care Products Private label
Contract Manufacturing Healthcare
AshwaBoost & TotalSlim Nigeria
Veda Life Private Label
NeuroClub Supplements
Contract Manufacturing Total Lipo Nigeria
Our Client Testimonials
What our Clients say
Himachal Pharmaceuticals supplied Diosgenin to Wyeth during 1982 to 2002. Under the leadership of B.M. Sood, Himachal Pharmaceuticals successfully delivered a number of shipments. At its pea k, Himachal Pharmaceuticals was processing and delivering two metric tons of Diosgenin per month.
The breadth and depth of their knowledge, access to the local raw material and reliability of their quality led us to accord Himachal Pharmaceuticals a favored supplier status under which we worked with them on additional projects such as processing Diosgenin from our own cultivated Dioscorea roots and manufacturing 16-DPA.
Given my past experience from contractual engagement with Himachal Pharmaceuticals and personal engagements with B.M. Sood, I am happy to recommend them as a favored supplier of Diosgenin.
Suresh Muddana of Wyeth India, now merged with Pfizer
Suresh Muddana
Director -Specialty & Vaccines @ Wyeth India (now merged with Pfizer)
Thank you HimPharm & Healing Herbs for Total Lipo. I bought 3 bottles of Total Lipo & I lost 5 Kg in one week. While I have tried weight loss supplements in the past, however they seemed to have some side effects, however I was amazed with Total Lipo – not only did it get great results, but I felt no other side effects like I have experienced with other weight loss supplements. I felt great & energetic. I slept fine & all food cravings stopped. Total Lipo is definitely going to continue to be a big part of my sustainable weight loss regimen – Keep up the good work.
Anigbo Amarachi
Anigbo Amarachi
Healing Herbs supplied herbal extract-based products to us. The depth of their knowledge, help above & beyond, access to genuine raw material, reliability of their quality, fast response, great ability to manage our expectations, transparent and professional approach with well-documented procedures & processes has led us to accord Healing Herbs a favoured supplier status. We will continue to work with them on a number of additional projects around natural products.
Thank you HimPharm & Healing Herbs for making it so easy – All I had to do was provide my Logo and company details and you took care of the rest! It is so amazing how fast I was able to get products to Market. Everything happened like clockwork – from ordering samples to getting the commercial delivery. I am so pleased at how you managed expectations, the depth of your knowledge, the help above & beyond and the super-fast transparent response. I love the products, their quality and the ease of doing business. I look forward to expanding our portfolio to work on additional natural products sourced from you. Really great work!
Shoukath Ali
Shoukath Ali
CEO, Shujju International