Private label manufacturer of  natural products


pharmaceutical ingredients.

We make healthy, pure & safe products in your label.



Herbal-Tea-loose tea available in tea bags, loose tea pouches, tea sticks


Blends of herbal, green & black teas in tea bags or loose pack options.

Juice in glass bottle 1000 ml


Aloe Vera, fruit & vegetable based natural health juices.

Himalayan Wild Forest Honey and Honey Variants

Honey & Variants

Honey and honey based health products. 100% genuine, top quality, natural herb extracts blended in honey for a healthy lifestyle.

Beauty and Skin Care products

Skin Care

Healthy skin care, natural beauty aids and organic cosmetics including herbal oils, creams, gels, face packs, baby skin care, shampoos, soaps and conditioners.

packaging for health supplements in paper pouch and glass bottles

Health Supplements

Natural health food supplements for a healthy lifestyle and a better life. 

Aphrodisiacs for Men and Women

Herbal Aphrodisiacs

Products for natural sexual enhancement, including natural lubricants and herb based formulations containing extracts for Men & Women’s sexual health and well being.

Herbal medicines, natural medicines, syrups, capsules, blister pack, drops packaging

Natural Medicines

Herb & extract based natural medicines and formulations for health conditions.


Packaging for single herb extracts, bulk single herb extracts

Single Herb Extracts

Single herb extracts available in capsules, tablets or in bulk form.

hotel amenities

Hotel Amenities

We manufacture Pure, Safe & Natural products in exclusive elegant designs for Hotels, Spas, Resorts, Hospitals & Institutions.

Raw herbs


We provide genuine, clean and dried raw herbs for the Pharmaceutical and Herbal drug industry.

Rutin NF


Isolated active principles (APIs) from natural sources through semi-synthesis. Phytochemicals are sold to pharmaceuticals manufacturers to add to formulations or for further processing.

HimPharm is a private label manufacturer of teas, juices, foods, hotel amenities, natural organic and vegan cosmetics, ayurvedic medicines, natural aphrodisiacs, health supplements, APIs, alkaloids & single herb extracts.

Our products are vegetarian, vegan, cruelty free.