About HimPharm

At HimPharm, we manufacture high quality health and wellness products for other companies. We work with brands to make the products they want to sell.

We offer private label, white label, and third-party manufacturing services to bring your product ideas to life under your own brand.

Established in 1905, we boast deep expertise in health & wellness products manufacturing. Our extensive experience enables us to develop custom products and handle seamless production – empowering you to thrive in your ventures.

Healing Herbs & Himachal Pharmaceuticals

The business has been handed down to us by our forefathers who taught us how to nurture herbs. We’ve expanded it over time to include manufacturing natural tea, health supplements, natural medicines, skin care products and pharmaceutical ingredients.

We divide our work into two branches which are independent running outfits – Healing Herbs and Himachal Pharmaceuticals

Healing Herbs

Healing Herbs aims at healing the mind, body and soul through its wide offering of natural supplements, skin care products, aphrodisiacs and medicines. All the products draw inspiration from ancient Ayurvedic texts but are based on modern science in the field of herbs and natural extracts.

Healing Herbs markets these products through various channels and specializes in manufacturing herbs and natural products for private labels or as third-party manufacturers.

Himachal Pharmaceuticals

Himachal Pharmaceuticals specializes in the isolation of active principles from natural sources through semi-synthesis. This results in the production of Phytochemicals, which are used by other pharmaceutical companies as their raw material.

HimPharm's History

HimPharm's History from the year 1905

About HimPharm - History & Timeline

1905, The Humble Beginnings: HimPharm’s remarkable journey began in 1905 when Dasondhi Mal Sood founded the company in the scenic town of Kullu, Himachal Pradesh. He kick-started HimPharm with a novel concept—barter trade of herbs with Tibet. India’s rich herbs were exchanged for the treasures of Tibet, including herbs and exquisite handicrafts.

1912, Expanding Horizons: Recognizing the potential, HimPharm expanded its repertoire by adding an array of herbs to its list. Dasondhi ventured into markets in Bombay and Delhi, introducing the exotic Tibet and Himalayan herbs to traders and consumers.

1920, Passing the Torch: In 1920, HimPharm saw a significant development as Dashondhi’s eldest son, Kuljas Rai, joined the company in a leadership role, bringing fresh perspectives and energy to the business.

1922, A Visionary Partnership: Under Kuljas Rai’s stewardship, HimPharm ventured into an ambitious partnership, forming “Gyan Chand Ram Gopal” in Amritsar, Punjab. This collaboration tapped into the bustling marketplace of Indian herbs and spices at the time.

1957, Going Global: With the aspiration to establish a global presence in the herb and spice trade, HimPharm, under Kuljas Rai’s guidance, founded “Himalayan Traders” in Amritsar. This marked the company’s entry into international trade, specializing in herbs, spices, and artisanal handicrafts.

1958, A Breakthrough: HimPharm’s reputation soared, leading to a supply agreement with the emerging pharmaceutical manufacturer, Cipla, for the supply of Dioscorea deltodia roots from the Himalayan region. This partnership marked a significant milestone.

1968, Expanding Clientele: Riding on the success with Cipla, HimPharm broadened its client base to include more pharmaceutical manufacturers, including Wyeth from Bombay.

1975, A New Generation: Dr. B. M. Sood joined the family business, bringing his expertise to “Himalayan Traders.”

1976, Building Infrastructure: Dr. B. M. Sood commissioned the construction of a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Kandrori.

1978, A Family Affair: Arti Sood followed her family’s legacy, joining HimPharm and bringing her unique perspective to the company.

1980, Entering Production: HimPharm reached a significant milestone by producing its first commercial lots of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), including Berberine and Diosgenin, for sale.

1982, A Pioneering Partnership: HimPharm achieved a major milestone with its first sale to Wyeth, marking the beginning of a long and successful partnership. HimPharm became a preferred supplier for Diosgenin and 16DPA to Wyeth and Wyeth Lederle (now Pfizer).

1992, Diversifying Horizons: HimPharm expanded its reach by manufacturing herbal extracts and total standardized extracts, diversifying its product offerings.

2000, The Birth of Healing Herbs: Arti Sood spearheaded the creation of “Healing Herbs” as a subsidiary under HimPharm. The entity focused on producing finished goods, including Ayurvedic medicines and herbal products for the wellness industry.

2002, Strengthening Bonds: HimPharm embarked on a journey of contract manufacturing and conversion of Dioscorea for Wyeth, cementing its partnership with the pharmaceutical giant.

2004, New Generation Joins: Gaurav Sood, representing the younger generation, joined HimPharm, adding new vitality to the company’s future.

2005, Beyond Medicine: HimPharm expanded its offerings to include cosmetics and beauty products, diversifying into the broader health and wellness industry.

2014, A Milestone Agreement: HimPharm signed a tri-party multi-year toll manufacturing agreement, becoming a key supplier of an essential API for a major U.S. pharmaceutical company’s patented product.

2015, New Talent: Neha Panwar joined HimPharm, bringing fresh ideas and perspectives to the company.

2016, A New Direction: HimPharm ventured into the manufacturing of dietary supplements, specifically vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and health blends for the health and wellness industry, operating as a private label manufacturer.

2019, Packaging Innovation: HimPharm introduced sachet packing for liquids and powders, enhancing convenience for consumers.

2022, Embracing the Future: HimPharm embarked on a path of modernization and expansion, upgrading its manufacturing facility with cutting-edge technology and expanding its workspace to meet the increasing demand for its products.

Our Leadership Team

Renowned experts in Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Herbal, Ayurvedic, Herbs, Extracts, Natural Products Manufacturing, Toll Manufacturing, Contract Manufacturing, Private Label, White Label and Third Party Manufaturing

With over 45 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry Dr Brij Mohan Sood is a veteran of the industry. 

With over four decades of unwavering commitment to the Health & Wellness Industry, Mrs. Sood is deeply passionate about improving lives through natural products

Working on securing Private Label and Contract manufacturing partnerships since 2004, Gaurav Sood is focused on empowering health & wellness brands globally. 

Neha Panwar has a very diverse & rich experience in luxury, fashion, life-style products, spearheading events and client servicing roles. As a Partner at HimPharm she is focused on providing everyone equal access to great quality natural products.

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