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What makes us fine experts?

It’s an instinctive sense of what works. Being obsessed with the little details. Scour the world to source rare ingredients. It’s blending all of this in the lap of nature, The Himalayas - our home.

It’s a little about experience, but it’s also about looking at what’s possible and new. We're inspired by nature and fired up by our mission to make quality, natural products available to all.

It’s the reason why our colours are earthier, our scents are green. It’s why you’ll find a unique natural charm and love in everything we do.

Sustainable source of herbs

Why we do what we do?

HimPharm wants to enable others to do what they are passionate about or love.

Our Vision

Everyone should have access to excellent quality natural products.

Touchinjg lives

Healing Herbs & Himachal Pharmaceuticals

The business has been handed down to us by our forefathers who taught us how to nurture herbs. We’ve expanded it over time to include manufacturing natural tea, health supplements, natural medicines, skin care products and pharmaceutical ingredients. We divide our work into two branches which are independent running outfits – Healing Herbs and Himachal Pharmaceuticals

Healing Herbs aims at healing the mind, body and soul through its wide offering of natural supplements, skin care products, aphrodisiacs and medicines. All the products draw inspiration from ancient ayurvedic texts but are based on modern science in the field of herbs and natural extracts. Healing Herbs markets these products through various channels and specializes in manufacturing herbs and natural products for private labels or as third-party manufacturers.

Himachal Pharmaceuticals specializes in the isolation of active principles from natural sources through semi-synthesis. This results in the production of Phytochemicals, which are used by other pharmaceutical companies as their raw material.

Our History

Map adn Compass

In 1905,  founder Dasoundhi Mal Sood shifted to Kullu ( modern-day Himachal Pradesh, India) & started to barter the trade of herbs with Tibet. The herbs from Tibet were sold through traders in Delhi & Bombay. Gradually he started collecting and selling herbs from Kullu and the Himalayas in Tibet.


In 1920 his son Kuljas Rai Sood joined the business and expanded by getting into an enterprise called Gyan Chand Ram Gopal, in Amritsar (Punjab, India).


In 1957 he formed Himalayan Traders for trading and exporting herbs.

Herbs trading

In 1958 he was contracted by the Pharmaceutical company Cipla for the collection of Dioscorea deltoidea roots.

Roots of herbs
Increased sales

In 1968 Himalayan Traders started supplying Discorea to Wyeth Laboratories. Gradually the business was picked up by Dr B M Sood.

Factory setup

In 1978 HimPharm was formed by Dr B M Sood to fulfil the Pharmaceutical industry’s demand for steroids. He formed and nurtured relationships with pharmaceutical companies that manufactured steroids and other similar products including Wyeth, Glaxo, and Cipla, amongst others.


In 1992 Dr Sood started viability and technical studies to expand into the herbs, natural product extracts and Ayurveda product manufacturing industries.

Study & Research

In 2001 after 8 years of marketing and technical studies, Healing Herbs was formed.

Experiments, studies and research
Present Day

Over time HimPharm has grown to offer 34 APIs, 192 extracts, and over 190 natural products.