Arti Sood

Arti Sood


With over four and a half decades of unwavering commitment to the Pharmaceuticals, Health, and Wellness Industry, Mrs. Arti Sood is deeply passionate about improving lives through natural products.

As the President of HimPharm & founder at Healing Herbs, she’s led the journey from its inception to becoming a stable and mature manufacturing company.

Her expertise lies in private label and contract manufacturing of health supplements, herbal, and Ayurvedic medicines.

She takes pride in the strategic acumen she has developed over the years, making her an expert communicator, a creative problem solver, and a collaborative leader. Teamwork and coaching are essential facets of her leadership style.

Mrs. Sood is passionate about sharing her knowledge of the natural plant world and the healing power it holds through alternative and Ayurvedic medicine.

She hopes to contribute through her expertise and passion to drive meaningful change in the Pharmaceutical, Health and Wellness industry.

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