Amloe – natural pure Vitamin C

Amloe is an extract of Emblica officinalis or Amla in Aloe Juice.

Aloe vera juice with amla, indian gooseberry

Amloe health juice provides much needed Vitamin C to our body apart from a host of other health benefits. At Healing Herbs we use fresh, genuine good quality herbs to make our health juices. Amloe has been processed in our proprietary process to ensure that the juice retains most of the herbs original nutritive value. 

Aloe Vera juice includes 75 essential nutrients including Vitamins, Calcium, Amino Acid and Enzymes. One of the most important health benefits of aloe vera juice is its operation as an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent. Its helps prevent the onset of disease in the body. Aloe vera juice benefits people with rheumatoid arthritis as well.

Amla is also called the Indian gooseberry or Phyllanthus Embilca.  Amla contains the highest amount of vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) in natural form. It helps lower cholesterol levels and is a tonic. It may help relieve symptoms of asthma and bronchitis. It helps with constipation. It is a good blood purifier and helps remove acne and pimples. Our body does not store water soluble vitamins which are required by it. Amla provides our body with Vitamin C  which is a water-soluble antioxidant. Vitamin C present in the Amla may also help boost the immune function of our body, thereby helping us combat diseases. Amla may also help reduce the bad cholesterol in our body. Traditionally in India Amla and amla juice have been used as a pancea against all ills.

Amloe, amla in aloe juice is available both with and without honey. Honey is a sweetener and hence makes Amloe more palatable. Apart from being a sweetener honey has also been traditionally used for a number of health benefits ranging from helping relieve a sore throat to a tonic against kidney complaints.