Baby Shampoo – natural, gentle, safe.

natural baby shampoo, soft, safe, gentle

Healing Herbs Baby Shampoo is a safe, no tears shampoo which is enriched with herbs.

Healing Herbs Baby Shampoo is a gentle shampoo which leaves the hair looking healthy, shiny and smelling fresh. It is soap free and very gentle on the hair and scalp. Mild enough for everyday use, this skin balanced baby shampoo gently cleanses baby’s fine hair and sensitive scalp. The shampoo will not irritate baby’s skin and repairs damaged hair keeping it healthy and shiny.

The baby shampoo has been enriched with choicest herbs, to ensure a full natural experience for the baby. With no added dyes, essences or synthetic preservatives, the shampoo does not irritate the baby’s delicate skin or scalp. In addition it contains ingredients which do not sting the baby’s eye in case of contact while washing the hair.

Healing Herbs baby shampoo is 100% natural and safe. It contains a mix of beneficial herbs and extracts that help wash the baby’s hair without any irritation and leaving the hair soft, clean and healthy. Our baby shampoo can be used on babies over the age of 1 year. The shampoo is considered absolutely safe for everyday use on babies.