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Bergapten USP by HimPharm: Unlocking the Potential in Pharmaceuticals

CAS Number: 484-20-8

Molecular Formula: C12H8O4

In pharmaceuticals, Bergapten USP is a crucial Intermediate API, used in medicinal formulations. Derived from bergamot essential oil and various citrus oils, Bergapten, scientifically known as 5-methoxypsoralen, plays a pivotal role in therapeutic applications, ranging from treating psoriasis to promoting tanning in suntan lotions.

Bergapten USP holds a unique standing in the pharmaceutical, drug, and natural products industry. At HimPharm, we adhere to the United States Pharmacopoeia standards, ensuring that our Bergapten meets the stringent criteria for quality and purity.



Bergapten is a furocoumarin found in bergamot essential oil and various citrus essential oils. Its chemical composition and properties make it a sought-after ingredient in pharmaceutical formulations.

Primarily, Bergapten serves as a key component in medicines, contributing to their efficacy. Additionally, its presence in cosmetic products, especially suntan lotions, underlines its versatile applications.

Bergapten, in its pure form, presents as a crystalline substance, adding a visual dimension to its pharmaceutical significance.

Derived from bergamot essential oil and citrus essential oils through meticulous extraction processes, Bergapten undergoes purification to meet pharmaceutical standards.

The importance of Bergapten lies in its therapeutic applications, making it a cornerstone in pharmaceutical formulations. Its unique properties contribute to its recognition as a routine therapy for psoriasis. 

From medicinal formulations to cosmetic products, Bergapten finds widespread use, bridging the gap between pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications.

Applications of Bergapten in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Medicines Ingredient

As an active pharmaceutical ingredient, Bergapten enhances the therapeutic properties of medicines. Its inclusion in formulations reflects its efficacy in addressing various health concerns.

Psoralen: A Key Component

Bergapten, being a psoralen, plays a crucial role in treating skin conditions like psoriasis. Its ability to interact with light during Photochemiotherapy further accentuates its significance.

Furocoumarins and Their Role

The presence of furocoumarins, including Bergapten, in pharmaceutical compositions underscores their role in enhancing the effectiveness of medicinal formulations.

Bergapten is extracted from Bergamont essential oil

Bergapten in Essential Oils

Bergamot Essential Oil

Bergamot essential oil, a rich source of Bergapten, contributes to the aromatic and therapeutic qualities of the oil. The extraction and incorporation of Bergapten elevate the oil’s overall value.

Citrus Essential Oils

Beyond bergamot, various citrus essential oils harness the power of Bergapten, broadening its applications in different aromatherapy and wellness products.

Medical Applications

Psoriasis Treatment

Bergapten’s role in psoriasis treatment involves modulating skin responses, providing relief to individuals grappling with this chronic skin condition.

Vitiligo Treatment

In vitiligo treatment, Bergapten’s properties contribute to repigmentation, offering hope to those affected by this depigmenting disorder.

Routine Therapy

The inclusion of Bergapten in routine therapy underscores its status as a reliable and established component in managing various skin-related issues.


Bergapten’s interaction with light during Photochemiotherapy enhances its efficacy, positioning it as a valuable tool in dermatological treatments.

Cosmetic and Tanning Industry

Tanning Promotion

Bergapten’s role in promoting tanning adds a cosmetic dimension, making it a sought-after ingredient in products designed to enhance skin tone.

Suntan Lotion

Its presence in suntan lotions highlights Bergapten’s dual role – not just therapeutic but also cosmetic, catering to the desire for sun-kissed skin.

HimPharm manufactures Bergapten

As a key player in the pharmaceutical industry since 1979, HimPharm brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the manufacturing of Bergapten USP. Our commitment to quality and adherence to United States Pharmacopoeia standards sets us apart.

Bergapten, as an active pharmaceutical ingredient, caters to the bulk requirements of pharmaceutical companies, ensuring a steady supply for the production of medicines. Pharmaceutical companies seeking reliable sources for Bergapten turn to HimPharm, recognizing our commitment to quality and our ability to meet bulk demands efficiently. 

Beyond pharmaceutical companies, industrial bulk consumers find in HimPharm a trusted partner for their Bergapten requirements, ensuring a seamless supply chain.

The stringent standards set by the United States Pharmacopoeia ensure that Bergapten, when sourced from reputable manufacturers like HimPharm, meets the highest benchmarks of quality and purity.

Bergapten Production Process

Meeting pharmaceutical standards is paramount in Bergapten production, ensuring the end product aligns with the requirements of the industry and regulatory authorities. The bulk availability of Bergapten from reputable manufacturers like HimPharm addresses the needs of large-scale production while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Brief Manufacturing process outline:

  • Extraction from essential oils
  • Purification processes
  • Quality checks and testing

Importance of testing in the manufacturing process: Testing guarantees the purity and quality of Bergapten, ensuring that each batch meets the stringent standards set by the pharmaceutical industry.

Production bottle necks: Efficient manufacturing processes at HimPharm alleviate production bottlenecks, allowing for scalability from small to large batches.

HimPharm’s extensive experience in the herbs and herbal products trade, coupled with our modern facility and robust quality assurance team, positions us as a reliable manufacturer of Bergapten. Our flexibility in offering both small and large batches ensures that we cater to the diverse needs of our clients.

In conclusion, Bergapten USP emerges not just as an intermediate API but as a versatile component with far-reaching applications in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and the wellness industry. HimPharm stands as a beacon of quality and reliability in the manufacturing of Bergapten, offering a seamless solution for pharmaceutical companies, traders, and industrial bulk consumers worldwide.

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