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Category: Phytochemical
Trade Names: None (Often sold as Chrysarobin or Goa Powder )
Routes of Administration: Topical


  • CAS Number: 83-73-8
  • PubChem CID: 6982
  • ChemSpider ID: 6725

Chemical and Physical Data

  • Molecular Formula C15H10O4
  • Molar Mass 254.24 g/mol


InChI: InChI=1S/C15H10O4/c16-10-6-5-9-12(15(10)19)13(17)8-11-7-3-1-2-4-14(11)18/h1-9,16-17,19H


Chrysarobin, also called Goa Powder, is a pale orange-yellow powder that holds the key to many different therapeutic benefits.

Chrysarobin, a micro-crystalline powder, is not just a pigment of pale orange-yellow; it’s a powerhouse of healing. Tasteless and odorless, this compound has found its place in various medical applications due to its antiseptic and anti-parasitic properties.

Chrysarobin API has been a game-changer in the pharmaceutical and natural products industry. Its potency in treating dermatoses, fungal diseases, and inflammatory conditions positions it as a valuable asset. With HimPharm’s commitment to manufacturing excellence, this compound takes center stage in the world of plant-based medicine.


Overview of Chrysarobin

To truly comprehend the significance of Chrysarobin, we must first understand its composition and origin. Derived from natural sources, this micro-crystalline powder serves as a foundation for various therapeutic applications.

The versatility of Chrysarobin extends to its wide range of applications. From dermatoses treatment to addressing chronic inflammatory conditions, its uses are as diverse as the ailments it treats. 

Let’s explore how this compound becomes a potent solution for various health concerns.

The distinctive features of Chrysarobin contribute to its efficacy. Its pale orange-yellow color signifies its natural origin, while being tasteless and odorless ensures seamless integration into pharmaceutical formulations.

Chrysarobin is sourced from specific botanical origins, adhering to the standards set by the British Pharmacopoeia Codex. The careful processing ensures the preservation of its therapeutic properties, making it a reliable ingredient for medicinal products.

While Chrysarobin is a powerful stimulant for skin health, caution must be exercised in its usage. Understanding the significance and potential cautions ensures its optimal and safe application, especially in dermatoses where an acute inflammatory reaction is not a concern.

Chrysarobin efficacy shines in specific uses – from combating fungus diseases to being a remedy for hemorrhoids. Its versatility in addressing dermatological concerns positions it as a go-to solution for various skin-related issues.

Exploring Chrysarobin and its Therapeutic Properties


Chrysarobin’s antiseptic properties make it a formidable force against microbial threats. Its application in wound care and skin infections underscores its role in promoting asepsis.


The anti-parasitic nature of Chrysarobin extends its reach to parasitic infections. By disrupting the life cycle of parasites, it becomes an invaluable tool in addressing various health concerns.

Powerful Skin Irritant

As a powerful skin irritant, Chrysarobin induces a healthy inflammatory reaction. This unique property makes it a key player in chronic inflammatory dermatoses, promoting the restoration of skin health.

Beyond its primary therapeutic uses, Chrysarobin exhibits additional properties that contribute to its overall significance. Exploring these facets enhances our understanding of its holistic impact on health and wellness.

HimPharm Manufacturing Standards

HimPharm takes center stage in the production of Chrysarobin, adhering to rigorous manufacturing standards. As a key player in the pharmaceutical and natural products industry, HimPharm ensures the seamless production of this micro-crystalline powder.

The commitment to quality is non-negotiable for HimPharm. Adhering to the British Pharmacopoeia Codex and international quality standards, the manufacturing process guarantees a product that meets and exceeds industry benchmarks.

HimPharm’s capacity extends beyond individual requirements to fulfill bulk orders. For pharmaceutical and drug manufacturing companies, as well as industrial bulk consumers, HimPharm stands ready to meet the demand for Chrysarobin with efficiency and precision.

Chrysarobin Production Processes

The journey from raw material to the final product involves a meticulous step-by-step manufacturing process. HimPharm’s expertise comes to the forefront as each stage is executed with precision, ensuring the integrity of Chrysarobin BPC is maintained.

  1. Sourcing Raw Material & Raw Material Testing
  2. Extraction of Chrysarobin
  3. Isolation and Purification
  4. Formulation
  5. Quality Testing & Chemical Analysis
  6. Identifying and Addressing Production Bottlenecks

Quality Testing in Chrysarobin BPC Manufacturing

Quality is not just a goal; it’s a standard at HimPharm. Rigorous testing protocols are implemented throughout the manufacturing process, guaranteeing that each batch of Chrysarobin BPC meets the highest standards of purity and efficacy.

Identifying and Addressing Production Bottlenecks

In the dynamic world of pharmaceutical manufacturing, challenges may arise. HimPharm’s proactive approach involves identifying and addressing production bottlenecks swiftly, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted supply chain.

HimPharm’s Manufacturing Advantage

HimPharm’s legacy of over four decades in API manufacturing positions it as a leader in overcoming challenges and bottlenecks. The modern facility, equipped to scale production, showcases HimPharm’s commitment to flexibility and adaptability.


In conclusion, the journey through the world of Chrysarobin BPC has unveiled its multifaceted nature. From its therapeutic properties to the meticulous manufacturing processes at HimPharm, every aspect contributes to the compound’s significance in health and wellness.

To recap, Chrysarobin BPC is more than a micro-crystalline powder; it’s a testament to the power of plant-based healing. Its antiseptic, anti-parasitic, and skin-irritant properties make it a valuable asset in various medical applications.

For businesses in the pharmaceutical, drug, and natural products industry, HimPharm stands as a reliable partner. Leveraging HimPharm’s commitment to quality and manufacturing expertise ensures a seamless supply of Chrysarobin BPC for your specific requirements.

FAQs - Frequently asked Questions
  1. Is Chrysarobin BPC safe for use in dermatological conditions?

Absolutely. Chrysarobin BPC, when used with caution, is a potent remedy for various skin conditions, offering a healthy reaction and promoting skin wellness.

  1. What sets HimPharm apart in Chrysarobin BPC manufacturing?

HimPharm’s extensive experience since 1979, access to top-quality raw materials, and a modern facility capable of scaling production distinguish it as a leader in API manufacturing.

  1. Can HimPharm fulfill bulk requirements for Chrysarobin BPC?

Certainly. HimPharm is equipped to meet the bulk demands of pharmaceutical and industrial consumers, ensuring on-time delivery and adherence to quality standards.

  1. How does Chrysarobin BPC contribute to dermatoses treatment?

Chrysarobin BPC’s powerful skin-irritant properties stimulate a healthy inflammatory reaction, making it effective in treating dermatological conditions.

  1. Why choose Chrysarobin BPC from HimPharm for pharmaceutical needs?

HimPharm’s commitment to quality, adherence to international standards, and a legacy of manufacturing excellence make it the ideal choice for sourcing Chrysarobin BPC.

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Chrysarobin BPC
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