Herbal-Tea-loose tea available in tea bags, loose tea pouches, tea sticks

Herbal Tea for Private labels

At Healing Herbs we manufacture Herb based natural teas, Green tea & Black tea for private label.

We manufacture teas for different taste preferences in private label. These teas come in a number of flavours and are enriched with herbs that offer numerous health benefits apart from being extremely delicious. These teas can be offered in tea bags which are packaged in attractive boxes or custom packs or as loose teas as bulk or packaged in extremely attractive packing options.  

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Natural and Green Teas

We manufacture the following teas in private label

Non-caffeinated or Decaf Teas

  1. Basil Herbal Tea

  2. Bedtime Tea

  3. Lemony Tea

  4. Mint Herbal Tea

  5. Spicy Tea


Caffeinated Teas

  1. Green Tea

  2. Herbal Green Tea

  3. Kahwa Tea

  4. Lemony Green Tea

  5. Mint Green Tea

  6. Slimming Tea

  7. Spicy Green Tea

  8. Stress Tea

  9. Tulsi Green Tea


For customised tea development

We undertake projects for manufacturing natural teas and black teas as per customised requirements and in different packaging options for clients. If you are interested in marketing a tea for a specific dietary or health benefit, or are looking to source a particular blend of tea in a specific flavour then fill in the form below for us to get back to you.

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