For normal prostate function

natural prostate remedy

Prostate up is a herbal treatment to remedy prostate enlargement.

It is an effective and natural treatment for prostate enlargement. Prostate Up promotes healthy prostate function by increasing the volume and thereby maximising the flow of urine. It stimulates the prostate gland. It contains herbal extracts that are beneficial and ensure normal prostate function.

Ingredients in Prostate Up

  • Lagenaria siceraria (Kashiphal) Extract: The pulp around the seed is emetic and purgative. The stem bark and the rind of the fruit are diuretic.  It has shown antibiotic activity. The seeds are beneficial for the treatment of mild to moderately enlarged prostate glands.
  • Sesamum indicum (Til) Extract: HelpsSesame Seeds contain Vitamin E, calcium and iron. It strengthens the kidney , liver and the reproductive system.
  • Apium graveolens (Ajamoda) Extract: Apium graveolens has natural soothing properties for the tissues and promotes normal urinary flow.
  • Boerhavia diffusa (Punernava) Extract: Boerhavia diffusa is a renowned herb for reducing BPH. It helps to remove congestion from the pelvis, reduce inflammation of the prostate and reduce androgen levels.

Prostate Up is available in packs of 30 and 60 capsules. For private label prostate up can also be made available in blister packs and as tablets.