Reserpine USP- API for hypertension

Reserpine is an API which is used by the Pharma industry.

CAS Number: 50-55-5
Molecular formula: C33H40N2O9

Reserpine is an indole alkaloid antipsychotic and antihypertensive drug that has been used for the control of high blood pressure and for the relief of psychotic behaviours. The antihypertensive actions of Reserpine USP are a result of its ability to deplete catecholamines (among the others) from peripheral sympathetic nerve endings. These substances are normally involved in controlling heart rate, the force of cardiac contraction and peripheral resistance.

At Himachal Pharmaceuticals we manufacture Reserpine USP as per the United States Pharmacopoeia standards. These are only available for bulk requirements as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients for the Pharmaceutical or Drug manufacturing companies, agents or other industrial bulk consumers.