Spicy Tea – Amazing sweet & sour naturally flavoured tea

Spicy Tea - a herbal natural blend of spices with a sweet and sour flavour

Spicy Tea is a health food with essential vitamins from great herbs and spices to offer a unique taste.

Vegetarian Product Symbol Spicy Tea is a vegetarian product.

Spicy tea is a spicy and tangy tasting Caffeine Free herbal tea containing various herbs. It is a concoction of pure herbs that provide a variety of health benefits with a spicy tinge. These benefits range from enhancing immune system to providing the body with essential vitamins, helping in digestion and combating a sore throat. It is 100% natural and does not contain any synthetic or artificial flavours.

  • A decaf tea that provides essential natural vitamins to the body.
  • Lemony tea also helps improve the body’s immunity and digestion.
  • 100% Natural FSSAI approved, Non-GMO ingredients, sourced from the Himalayas.
  • Contains no harmful or synthetic ingredients – Our herbal tea(s) are made using the best quality genuine natural ingredients. These ingredients are free from chemicals, preservatives, emulsifiers and synthetic flavours or fragrances.

Spicy Tea ingredients

  • Punica granatum  (Anardana):  The polyphenols in it remove free radicals from cells and aid in wound repair and in strengthening the immune system. It can help to slow skin wrinkling. Anardana helps in getting relief from osteoarthritis, by slowing the deterioration of cartilage. It is found to be effective in increasing blood flow to the heart as well. 
  • Psidium Guajava (Amrood): Guava leaves are loaded with vitamins, good for the skin, help lower cholesterol and burn fat. They are used in folk medicine as a remedy for diarrhoea and as a treatment against diabetes.
  • Trachyspermum ammi (Ajwain): Ajwain is pungent and bitter, spasmodic, germicidal, antiseptic, digestive, antipyretic, expectorant and an extraordinary tonic. It is very useful in alleviating spasmodic pains of the stomach and intestines and is a good digestive.
  • Glycyrrhiza glabra (Mulathi): It is a popular flavoring agent which is an expectorant.  It helps combat a sore throat, cough, myopia, stomach disorders and baldness.


Spicy Tea manufactured by Healing Herbs is available as a white label or private label product in the below packaging

  • Loose Tea in bulk packaging – 50 kg and 100 Kg packs
  • Tea packed in kraft paper bags or zip pouches
  • Tea in Single chamber tea bags with envelope and tag packed in mono carton, tin box or paper tube
  • Tea in Double chamber tea bags with envelope and tag packed in a mono carton, tin box or paper tube
  • Tea in Hand-made tea bags further packed in a mono carton, tin box or paper tube
  • Tea in Pyramid bags with or without envelopes packed in mono carton, tin box or paper tube
  • Tea in Tea Wands packed in a mono carton, tin box or paper tube
  • Tea in Tea sticks in a mono carton, tin box or paper tube

Spicy Tea is available in tea bags for institutions like hotels, resorts, serviced apartments, offices and hospitals.

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