Premium Design Services at HimPharm

We Love Design

We really do ! Design breaks across all barriers. It's one of the key things on the outside that really differentiates your product from any other. Design is an extension of you - it is a representation of you. At HimPharm we understand this. We offer our premium design services through our Design Teams that work with you to design solutions, labels, media around the product & you.


What We Do

Logo Design

HimPharm design team can help you design your logo around your concept. The design team provides innovative options & suggestions to help with your logo design.

Label Design

HimPharm's design team is made up of designers who have great experience in designing labels around regulatory requirements across most countries. They provide valuable inputs with aesthetics, the latest design trends & customizing designs to your requirement.

Inserts & Leaflet design

HimPharm's in-house designers can become extended off-location members of your team to provide support for designing product inserts or leaflets when you wish to include more information on your products for customer education or regulatory requirements.

Mono-Carton Design

Need a mono carton around for every individual product container - you don't need to worry, HimPharm's got you covered. HimPharm's design teams will design a mono-carton that matches your product's safety requirements and product label.

Product Mock-Ups

Need product mock - ups for your website or marketing material? HimPharm's design teams can provide these with your label and branding.

Catalogue & Promotional Material design

HimPharm's design teams can design all your promotional materials for you. Catalogues, brochures, technological presentations, etc can all be developed by the design teams to meet your requirements.

Sample Label Design

Premium Label design services