What is Private Label?

A private label product is a product that is manufactured by a contract manufacturer or third-party manufacturer. This product is sold under a buyer’s or client’s name.

HimPharm is such a Private Label Manufacturer.

As a client or buyer you have the ability to specify & customize every single detail about the product you may wish to source, namely

  1. What is it – What the product is & what it’s desired end use? 
  2. What ingredients – You may source one of HimPharm’s ready made formula, you may customize the stock formula to add or remove ingredients or HimPharm can develop a new product for you.
  3. How it’s packaged – What container or box the product is packaged in.
  4. What the product’s label will look like?
  5. What the product’s retail price will be – If it is mandatory in your country to print the MRP or MRSP on the label, you can decide what the products retail price printed on the label shall be.
Private Label Custom container and label

Based on your choices you pay to have your desired natural product manufactured by HimPharm. The Private Label product is produced & delivered to your store, warehouse or address.

Private Label is different from buying products from other companies with the company’s branding on the product(s) to sell them as a re-seller.

Why Use HimPharm's Private Label Services

Product Concept Designs

HimPharm develops products with inputs on what are the latest trends, the safe packing options and what are the mandatory labeling requirements in your country.

HimPharm’s Product Team works in collaboration with you to develop a product concept around your needs, requirements & the regulatory environment.

one stop solution

HimPharm takes care of all your needs around a private label product – from helping you conceptualize the product to manufacturing it and then delivering the product to your warehouse. Everything is taken care of by HimPharm so that you our buyer can concentrate on the most important thing – selling your product.

Great Quality

HimPharm has been in this space for over a 100 years. They have identified quality & sustainable sources for genuine herbs. Their experience with herbs & natural products gives them an understanding of best manufacturing practices, genuine top quality herb supply network, testing & quality control protocols & solutions that have been fine tuned over years.
All this experience is available to you when you source your label products from HimPharm.

Scale your sourcing effortlessly!

HimPharm offers services that enable a buyer to quickly scale their product from small quantities to larger & finally to huge quantities. Private Label Products that get traction can be quickly scaled to enable you to order bigger quantities as your sales grow. All of this is managed by HimPharm in quick turnaround times. This ensures that you are not investing a lot of money into your inventory for these private label products.

Transparent reliable Communication

HimPharm maintains constant communication with clients before, during and after the sales & delivery process. HimPharm offers weekly progress and status updates on your orders to ensure that you are involved in the complete process – step by step.

HimPharm's Quality Assurance & Commitment for Private Label Products

How does private label work at HimPharm

Private Label Frequently asked questions - FAQs

Most frequent questions & answers

What are the minimums I need to order under HimPharm's Private Label ?

The minimums for HimPharm’s Private Label start from 1000 units per SKU, per order. This is true for any existing products that are already manufactured by HimPharm & where the product material is not customized.

For products that need some small alterations to the product ingredients, like a change in how the product smells, with the addition of another ingredient or the removal of one, or similarly where an ingredient is added or removed from an existing formula, the Minimums or Minimum order quantity (MOQ) can increase based on the change required in the product.

For products that are developed from scratch by HimPharm for your requirement, the minimums start from 3000 units per SKU, depending on your product requirement.

I want to pack a Private Label product in a container of my choice - is this possible at HimPharm?

Yes, HimPharm will offer the product in your chosen container. The minimums under HimPharm’s private label start from 1000 units per SKU, however the minimums in case of customised packing may or may not be more than 1000 units per order. The reason for this is that HimPharm will source the packing from a container manufacturer or supplier – the suppliers in this case have their own minimum order quantity. Based on the container’s MOQ from the supplier – HimPharm will be able to advise what the minimums for your order may be. Reach out to our our global sales team to start a conversation around your private label requirement in customized containers.

Can I order lower minimums ?

The minimums for HimPharm’s Private Label start from 1000 units per SKU per order. For lower minimums please refer to our offering under White label

I want HimPharm to copy some product for me - Can HimPharm do that?

Yes, HimPharm can copy an existing product for you, as long as there are no infringements of legal rights or intellectual laws. HimPharm would need a copy of the label that you wish to clone.

Our company is in Nigeria, will HimPharm ship Private Label products to my city here?

Yes, HimPharm ships its products worldwide to different countries through Air & Sea. Fill out our Private Label contact form below to get a CIF or Ex Factory quote for your required private label product.

I am based in the United States & am concerned about the US FDA label requirements around supplements for my private label product?

HimPharm offers premium design services for making label designs around your requirement. Our designers understand the labeling requirements for US bound Nutritional & Health food supplements. Our designers will provide labels which shall confirm to the latest US FDA requirements for Food Supplements.

Our company is in Nigeria, will HimPharm ship Private Label products to my city here?

Yes, HimPharm ships its products worldwide to different countries through Air & Sea. Fill out our Private Label contact form below to get a CIF or Ex Factory quote for your required private label product.

If we were to place an order with HimPharm today, how long would it take for HimPharm to dispatch the final consignment?

You’ll love this about us- we are very fast to respond to & our dispatch timelines are just as quick. Most consignments for Private Label products get dispatched within a range of 1 to 3 weeks. For some consignments that need us to develop a new product, source some customized fancy jar & container or if there are more customization then the lead times will depend on the same.

I wish to produce a private label product but I don's have a formula?

Don’t worry, HimPharm’s product development teams will help create a formula around your needs or requirements. Fill out the contact form below. Please provide more details of the product you have in mind for an initial quote from HimPharm.

Is HimPharm a US FDA registered food facility?

Yes, HimPharm is a US FDA registered food facility.

Will HimPharm ship private label products without a label - I can fix the label here on my own?

Regulations require mandatory information on product labels. HimPharm needs to state the name, address & contact for the marketing company & the manufacturer on a label. In order to adhere to these regulations, HimPharm will not ship finished products without label.

Can I provide the labels & the container for a private label product I order from HimPharm?

Sure, if that works with you.

However we advise most clients against it, because HimPharm has been working at Private label products for a long time. They’ve identified reliable suppliers and vendors for both containers & packing requirements. As these suppliers have been thoroughly vetted we are able to source high quality inputs. These trusted vendors work with HimPharm on a continuous basis which enable HimPharm to negotiate a better price for these inputs on your behalf.

I have a formula, I want to provide the ingredients to HimPharm - can they package it for me?

HimPharm sources and manufactures all products on its own. The products go through a series of Quality tests in testing laboratories before they are cleared for dispatch.

The only exception to this is if you are a manufacturer of a certain specific product and you want HimPharm to use your manufactured product as one ingredient in the formula. In this instance HimPharm would be happy to manufacture the product around your ingredient, provided the product is tested an cleared through HimPharm’s quality control.

HimPharm will manufacture the product around your formula without taking the raw material or inputs from you.

Can I split the minimums quoted over a number of private label product that I order from HimPharm?

The minimums quoted by HimPharm are per SKU or per product pack variant. They cannot be split over a number of products. 

What clients do you manufacture Private Label products for?

HimPharm views your confidentiality as very important !
HimPharm would love to talk about the exciting projects & new, innovative products that it is developing or has developed over its journey in Private Labeling – done for some of the most great & inspiring natural & organic marketing companies present in today’s marketplace, however they do maintain their partners’ privacy

Can I order the material from HimPharm & use it as Raw Material in my own process?

Yes, HimPharm manufactures a long list of herb extracts, ingredients and raw herbs for the Drug & Pharmaceuticals Industry. Please refer to our Ingredients for more details or contact us with your requirement.

Products you can source in Private Label from HimPharm

Single Herb Extracts in Private Label as Nutritional Supplements.

Private Label Herb supplements for different health concerns

Private Label Men’s & Women’s health products & Aphrodisiacs

Private Label Shampoos, conditioners, shower gels & washes

Private Label Gels, creams & lotions as natural skin care

Private Label Caffeinated & Decaf Teas or Tisanes

Private Label Handmade vegetarian natural & gentle soaps

Private Label Honey & honey with herbs and natural extracts

Private Label herb extracts – total extracts with standardization

Private Label Natural herb enriched oils for skin & Hair

Powdered herb mixes & health foods in Private Label

Private Label Natural health juices with herbs & aloe

Herb enriched baby & child skin products in Private Label

New Product made from scratch, undertaken under new products development

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