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Private Label

We make products for marketing companies, agents or individuals in their brand names as Private Label products. Private label or private branding is also referred to as  Third Party Manufacturing, contract manufacturing or neutral label products. Healing Herbs’ private label products are offered in the minimum bulk quantity which varies across our product categories.

What is Private Label?

A private label product is a product that is manufactured by a contract or third-party manufacturer. This product is sold under a buyer’s or client’s brand name. As a client or buyer you specify and customise every single thing about the product – what is it, how it is packaged, what ingredients is it made up of, what the label will look like, – and you pay to have it manufactured, produced and delivered to your store, warehouse or address. This is different from buying products from other companies with the company’s brand names on the product(s) to sell them.

White Label vs Private Label vs Contract Manufacturing

Private label, white label & contract manufacturing are very similar, however, there are small subtle differences in the terms.

A white label product is a generic product that is sold commonly by the manufacturer to a large number of retailers, buyers or clients in their brand names. Each retailer, buyer or client is selling the same product with no difference other than their brand name on the product label. The retailer, buyer or client does not have the option to modify the product. A white label product can be sold in smaller quantities to a larger number of buyers or clients to adjust for a manufacturer’s batch size.

A private label product is a unique product that is exclusively manufactured by a manufacturer for a retailer, buyer or client in the clients brand name. The retailer, buyer or client has the option to modify the product as per their brand, selling & marketing requirements. A private label product is sold to the client or buyer in higher volumes or quantity than a white label product. A private label product is generally sourced in bulk by a client or buyer in a single transaction.

A contract manufacturer, on the other hand, can manufacture a finished or semi-finished product for a client exclusively. The retailer, buyer or client has the option to modify the product as per their brand, selling & marketing requirements. A contract manufacturing agreement is generally for a longer duration or for on-going supply to the buyer or client.

White Label vs Private Label vs Contract Manufacturing

HeadWhite LabelPrivate LabelContract Manufacturing
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DifferenceYour brand products, low minimums, hassle free & quick turnaroundYour brand products, custom products, custom packing & higher minimums.Your products, continous supply, quarterly or annual contracts
TaglineGeneric natural products in your brand nameUnique natural & nutritional supplements in your brand nameContinous supply of products in your brand name
LabelOur stock label, your logo & company nameYour label & logo with customisationYour label & logo with customisation
MinimumsAvailable in 200, 500 or 1000 units per product or SKUMore than 1000 units per product or SKUMore than 3000 units per quarter & More than 12000 units annually.
Type of productAvailable or generic productUnique productsUnique products
Product CustomisationNoYesYes
Label CustomisationNoYesYes
Products in MonocartonNoAvailable on higher minimumsAvailable
Containers & PackagingStock packaging & containersCustomised packaging & jar selection availableCustomised packaging & jar selection available
TurnaroundQuick Turnaround and DispatchContracted Turnaround & DispatchContracted Turnaround & Dispatch
New Products developmentNoAvailable for higher minimumsAvailable
SamplesPaid samples availablePaid samples availablePaid samples available
International Shipping outside IndiaNoYesYes
Warehousing of packaging & inputsNoYesYes

Is HimPharm – Healing Herbs a private label, white label or contract manufacturing company?

HimPharm – Healing Herbs offers all 3 services, namely

  1. White label,
  2. Private Label,
  3. Contract Manufacturing.

How does White Label, Private Label or Contract Manufacturing work at HimPharm?

The below inforgraphics list the steps involved detailing the process for sourcing products manufactured by HimPharm under each of these processes.

White Label Natural products - How it works

White Label Process & Steps at HimPharm

Features of White Label by HimPharm

  • Low Minimums – Order products ranging between 200 to 1000 units.
  • No Customisation – White Label is available on our stock products in available stock packaging. The product, packaging, labels cannot be customised. For customisation check-out Private Label by HimPharm.
  • Hassle Free – We just need your Logo, brand name & billing address to process an order. Because of lower dependencies & inputs, white label products from HimPharm are available hassle-free.
  • Save Time & Quick Turnaround – Most White label products have a quicker turnaround time. White Label orders don’t require many inputs from clients – as everything is standardised, hence they can be dispatched quickly by HimPharm.
  • Mix & Match – Our large offering of Natural Products enables a client to try out a large variety & multiple categories of products. A Mix & Match of White Label encourages low investments and also offers clients the ability to test multiple products. Once white label products gain traction or become popular a client can move those fast-moving popular products to private label manufacturing by HimPharm.

If you are a new start-up that wants to test waters before making bigger investments in a product, if you are a company or an individual involved in corporate gifiting, wedding gifts or someone who conducts workshops on foods & natural products, or a retail store owner, or someone who wishes to sell natural products without spending time and effort into customising products then White Label products from HimPharm is something you may want to consider for yourself.

Private Label Natural products - How it works at HimPharm

Private Label Process & Steps at HimPharm

Features of Private Label by HimPharm

  • Minimums – Order products upwards of 1000 units. A unit is one bottle, jar or box of a product.
  • Customisation – Complete customisation of product, packaging, label or artwork design, is possible for Private Label products.
  • New Product Development – New products can be developed under Private Label by HimPharm. New products may attract development & sampling charges and may come with a higher minimum order quantity.
  • International Shipping – HimPharm offers international shipping on all Private Label products.
  • Focus on niche markets – HimPharm private label enables companies and individuals to cater & market to on a specialised market niche.
  • Low Cost – Private label products are more economical in comparison to White Label products as they are manufactured in bigger quantities. With bigger quantities, HimPharm gets economies from manufacturing at a larger scale. These translate into more economical products for our clients.

If you are a business owner, company or individual  that is comfortable with a slightly larger minimum batch, or want to exploit some super speciality market niche & want to develop a product from scratch, or want a better price on our stock products but can work with bigger quantities, or you are a Amazon FBA reseller within the Natural products, ayurvedic medicines, teas, natural foods or natural cosmetics category then you should consider Private label by HimPharm for your natural product needs.

Contract Manufacturing at Himpharm - how its done

Contract Manufacturing at HimPharm

Features of Contract Manufacturing by HimPharm

  • Continous Supply Contract – Contract manufacturing is a contracted supply agreement where HimPharm supplies product(s) to client as per the agreed to supply schedule – generally on a weekily, monthly or quarterly basis.
  • Minimums – Minimum supply on every schedule as per contract.
  • Customisation – Complete customisation of product, packaging, label or artwork design, is possible for Contract manufactured products.
  • New Product Development – New products can be developed under contract manufacturing by HimPharm. New products may attract development & sampling charges.
  • International Shipping – HimPharm offers international shipping on all contract manufactured products.
  • Focus on volume selling – Contract manufacturing by HimPharm enables companies and individuals to cater & market in high volumes lifestyle & natural products.
  • Low Cost – Contract manufactured products are most economical in comparison to White Label or Private Label products as they are manufactured in bigger quantities with supply staggered over regular intervals. Generally, with contract manufacturing, the prices for each supply or annual supply is fixed. With bigger quantities, HimPharm gets economies from manufacturing at a larger scale. These translate into more economical products for our clients.

If you are a business owner, company or individual that has a continuous demand over a period of time then you should consider contract manufacturing by HimPharm for your natural product needs.

Services offered by HimPharm – Healing Herbs

We offer the following services for clients who get products manufactured by us as private label products

1. Product Development

HimPharm develops natural products from scratch. The products are tailor-made or custom made private label, white label products to suit a client’s specific requirement. Some clients want us to develop products around their formulae or around a specific issue – we consult with clients, experts and our development teams to come up with a new product to suit the client’s need. HimPharm can develop any natural product that falls into the ambit of food supplement, natural juices or non-alcoholic beverages, health supplement, ayurvedic medicine, cosmetics or herbal beauty aids. As there is a lot of effort and time involved in developing new products from scratch, hence these products are generally sold in bigger lots and MOQs, Minimum Order Quantities.

2. Product Documentation

HimPharm provides documentation support for products manufactured in private label. These can be required by buyers in different instances, including

  1. International Trade – Exporting or importing products to or from a country. A lot of our international clients require documentary support to enable the import of their products into their country. Some clients also export products to a third country. We provide support for regulatory approval and a lot of times also manage the actual export process for the client. General documentary support for international trade includes documents for managing the export from India, Certificate of Analysis, MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet), Invoice, Packaging Details, IEC, and so on.
  2. Regulatory Approval – Our clients require information including the composition of the products, other technical details or testing reports for filling of regulatory approvals. HimPharm provides this documentary support to our private label, white label or contract manufacturing clients. US-based clients require document support for the filing of prior notification for import of natural products into the US with the US FDA.
  3. Marketing promotions – HimPharm helps provide technical support and suggestions for clients to come up with promotional material for their marketing effort.
  4. Licensing liaison – We get custom tailored private label products licensed as ayurvedic medicines or food supplements with concerned authorities in the Indian domestic market. For products manufactured for export out of India, we provide documentary support for the approval of our manufacturing facility, approval for the product and other documentary support which is country specific.

3. Premium Design Services

HimPharm offers premium design services at an extra cost around a clients requirement and brief. These design services include support for

  1. Labels designing,
  2. New logo development,
  3. Insert or marketing leaflet designing
  4. Mono-carton designing
  5. Brochure or single product catalogue designing
  6. Product catalogue designing
  7. Promotional material design services
  8. Product mock-up designing for websites.

4. Packaging Concept & Design

HimPharm offers services to develop design concepts and the actual product design around the required packaging. Our designs teams work in collaboration with clients to develop a complete product packaging concept

5. Third Party Testing

We believe in transparency – and we believe in meeting the highest quality requirements for our clients. To put our clients at ease we offer Third-party testing for products in order to enable our clients to analyse the quality of our produce & to also meet their requirements. We work with many internationally recognised & validated laboratories to get our products tested.

6. End to End solution

HimPharm delivers most services that will be required by a client to get their product to market. All these services are offered to a client under one roof, with our teams taking care of all the client’s requirements. HimPharm offers these services as a single source to manage a host of services ranging from product development to designing & freight – this enables our clients to focus on selling instead of worrying about any other hurdles.

7. Domestic & International Logistics

We work with many logistic partners to provide the best freight solutions including express courier services, door delivery of international consignments, Ocean or Sea freight including LCL & FCL cargo,  Air freight, insurance, customs clearances and other documentary requirements including customised testing, Free sale certificates, Phytosanitary certificate, Third Party lab testing. These measures ensure that our products reach our customers on time & in perfect condition. Whether you are based in San Francisco, USA or in Dubai, UAE HimPharm can ship products to you with your brand name.

Why choose HimPharm – Healing Herbs for your white label, private label or contract manufacturing needs?

What is different and unique about us? Why should you work with HimPharm? What does HimPharm do better than others?

1. Our Experience

We’ve been around for a while now – for more than a century really! 100 years is a long time. We’ve worked with companies of all sizes over the years. Ranging from the big 5 pharmaceutical giants to a fresh two people startup. We’ve worked on manufacturing contracts for APIs that pan out over years, and we’ve worked on single supply contracts too. Our rich and deep experience in all things natural has helped us venture into very innovative and unique natural herbal foods, supplements & cosmetics. This experience has helped us improve quality, lower prices and offer better solutions to our clients. This experience has also helped us expand our product offering from a handful of initial APIs to over 32 APIs, 192 herb extracts, 130 natural products & 300 raw herbs.

2. Genuine Herbs

We’ve been dealing with herbs and its allied activities for over a century now. We realise the importance of pure, genuine, unadulterated herbs. More importantly, we understand the difference between adulterated and pure herbs, because of our legacy with herbs, pharmaceuticals and food industry, over generations. We’ve successfully identified a sustainable and best quality source for genuine herbs.

3. Good Quality

We have gathered a lot of knowledge over the years regarding the properties of herbs, the isolation of active principles, extraction values, quality control, shelf life, development and subsequent standardisation of batches. This helps us in providing good quality products which stand up to what we claim they are. We pay great importance to details and have quality checks at every stage – from the raw material analysis, through manufacturing of the product, and till the final packaging & dispatch. We have a dedicated QC team which strives to ensure that the best quality is made available to our clients.

4. One Stop Solution

We offer possibly all the services that the client may need to market their product. A one-stop solution to all the needs of a private label client. Licensing, designing, manufacturing, sampling, packaging – we do it all.

5. Innovation

Innovation is what drives us. We want to excel in what we do because we truly love what we do and how we do it. We are different, what we offer is unique. We take pride in that. We wish to make innovative top quality natural products available to all. We also provide innovative solutions for packaging and design concepts.

6. Attractive Packaging Solutions

We offer very unique and attractive packaging options suited to every budget. As product design and aesthetics take centre stage. We have an exhaustive packaging variety for our clients to choose from, ranging from the simple to the insanely luxurious.

7. In-house Design Teams

We have dedicated design teams that work together with our clients to exclusively focus on the look, feel and aesthetics of promotional materials, design templates and labels.

8. Scalable Manufacturing

HimPharm has the infrastructure to easily and quickly scale production from initial numbers to commercial scale and large scale quantity across all its product lines. The processes have been built to allow for a quick increase in product batch sizes and packaging efforts. This allows our clients to quickly place a re-order in case of high demand or low supply positions of their private label or white label products.

9. Constant Communication & Matching Client Expectations

HimPharm maintains constant communication with clients after an order has been placed up until the dispatch of the order to the client’s warehouse has been made. These periodic and regular communications help us keep the client informed and abrest on the progress of their orders. Such communication also helps HimPharm plan for any contingencies and in the rare instance indicate a delay in delivery of orders significantly early to match client expectations, manage them better & transparently.

HimPharm Private Label, White Label, Contract Manufacturing

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Certified Halal

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