Raw Herbs supplied by HimPharm

Top Quality Raw Herbs and Spices for Health, Wellness, Food, Pharmaceutical, Drug, Ayurvedic, Veterinary & Agriculture Industry

At HimPharm we supply a large number of Raw Herbs and Spices. These herbs are sourced and collected from all over the world. Using our network of reliable sustainable raw herb sources we provide all kinds of raw herbs and spices for industrial use and trade.

HimPharm was initially formed to trade in herbs during the start of the 20th century.  The knowledge handed down by our forefathers about genuine herbs & spices over 100 years has helped us create a network of trustworthy collection points and agents throughout the length and breadth of India. Over the years we have developed a great network of cultivators of these raw herbs and spices and have successfully identified the best sources for best quality of herbs & spices. What we offer is the best quality herbs and spices, free from adulterants.

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