Herbal, Green and Black Teas​

What type of teas does HimPharm manufacture?​

History of Tea​

According to legend, in 28th Century BC a Chinese Emperor Shen Nong also known as the “divine healer” believed that healthy people drank boiled water. One day he was boiling water over a fire made from the tea plant. A tea leaf accidentally fell into his cup and the leaf infused into the water in the cup. After he drank the beverage, Shen Nong felt very energised & so tea was created.​

What is Green Tea?​

All teas, other than herbal or natural tea, are brewed from dried leaves of Camellia sinensis, the tea plant. The oxidation level of the leaves determines the type of tea. Tea oxidation refers to a set of chemical reactions that results in the tea leaves turning brown, leading to the development of aroma and flavour compounds in finished teas.

Green tea leaves are not oxidised at all. It is one of the least processed teas and as a result retains most antioxidants and beneficial compounds found in tea leaves.​

What are Herbal Teas?​

Made from spices, fruits, seeds, herbs, roots, herbal teas also called tisanes are usually steeped in hot water. The chemical composition of natural herb teas varies depending on the herbs used to make them. Many herbs make delicious teas that are soothing, relaxing or refreshing. These healthy drinks can be taken warm in winter or cooled in summer. They make a valuable addition to the daily diet and are a healthy alternative to regular coffee or tea. While many herbs are included in teas because of their therapeutic properties, most have a pleasant taste.​

Category of Teas Manufactured​

HimPharm manufactures a large variety of herbal green and black teas to cater to various conditions, tastes and preferences.

Non-caffeinated Teas?
Non-caffeinated Teas​​

Non-caffeinated or Decaf Teas or Caffeine Free Teas are those that do not contain green tea or black tea leaves. All non-caffeinated teas manufactured by HimPharm contain pure herb & flower mixtures without tea leaves.

Caffeinated teas Image
Caffeinated teas​
Caffeinated teas are those teas that contain green or black tea leaves. Green tea or Black tea leaves are a source of caffeine. All caffeine teas manufactured at HimPharm contain leaf of the Camellia sinensis or tea plant.

Primary Packaging Options for Tea

Loose Tea / Single or Double Chamber Tea Bags
Hand Made Tea Bag / Tea Wand / Tea Sticks
Pyramid Bags

Tea is available in a primary and secondary packaging. The Primary packaging is mentioned here, while the secondary packaging details are provided separately

Each primary packaging has its own minimum order quantity (MOQ).

Under White Label service HimPharm offers the tea as loose tea packed in Kraft paper pouches. 

Secondary Pack Options for Tea

Kraft Paper Pouch / Mono-Carton
Square Tin / Round Tin
Paper Tube

Tea is available in a primary and secondary packaging. The Secondary packaging is mentioned here, while the primary packaging details are provided above. 

Each secondary packaging has its own minimum order quantity (MOQ).

Under its White Label service, HimPharm offers the tea as loose tea packed in Kraft paper pouches.

Health Benefits of Tea

Tea’s star compounds are called Catechins

There is now ample proof that tea in its many forms does possess an astounding number of health benefits, that range from supporting the immune system to reducing the risk of cancer & helping prevent tooth decay.  

Tea’s star compounds are called Catechins. These are related to the antioxidants in wine and, like other anti-oxidants; help prevent cell damage by harmful molecules called free radicals.

Many herbs make deliciously flavored teas, which are soothing, relaxing, refreshing or invigorating. These healthy wholesome drinks can be taken warm in winter and cooled in summer. They make a valuable addition to the daily diet if taken on a regular basis, and are a healthier alternative to ordinary caffeinated tea.

While many herbs are taken for their therapeutic properties, most are very pleasant to drink and can be continued to be taken for long periods.

Green tea contains polyphenols which are thought to improve health, particularly catechins, the most abundant of which is epigallocatechin gallate. Green tea has been used as both a beverage and a method of traditional medicine in most of Asia. Over the last few decades, green tea has been subjected to many scientific and medical studies to determine the extent of its long-purported health benefits, with some evidence suggesting regular green tea drinkers may have lower chances of heart disease and developing certain types of cancer. Green tea has also been claimed as useful for weight loss. Enjoy a cup of good health – have a cup of herbal tea.

HimPharm's Uncompromising Quality Assurance and Unwavering Commitment

Ways you could source Herbal Tea, Green Tea, Black Tea or Tisane from HimPharm

White Label is a service from HimPharm where you can source a stock product, in a pre-designed label with your logo and your brand’s name on the product. You can source small quantities of teas from HimPharm through White Label, however at present HimPharm only offers loose tea(s) in kraft paper pouches under the HimPharm’s White Label for Green Tea, Herbal Tea or Black Tea offering. To see the product offered under white label, please see the Primary & Secondary packing pictures above for White Label Tea at HimPharm. 

Private Label is a service from HimPharm where you can source a customised product, with minor or major alterations in the product, in a custom-designed label to suit your requirement, packed in a packaging that is customised to your needs or choice. HimPharm’s Private Label tea(s) are available in Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) of more than 1000 per SKU. The MOQ can increase based on your customised primary & secondary packing requirements. Contact HimPharm to know more about Private Label herbal tea, green tea and black tea. 

Contract Manufacturing is a service from HimPharm that enables you to place repeated regular orders for HimPharm’s tea product(s) at an annual contracted supply price . The tea product is customised to your need, including customisation of tea for aroma, taste & colour, customised label, custom primary & secondary packing and customisation to any other aspects of the product or graphics. 
The Minimum Order Quantity for Contract Manufactured tea products at HimPharm varies for each product depending on the customisation, primary and secondary packaging requirements of a particular client.

Private Label Tea
Tea in Your Own Label

Tea in Your Own Label - Sell Online or Retail in Stores

Top Most Profitable Reselling Business - Tea

Sell Premium Tea in Your Brand Name

Reselling herbal tea, green teas and black teas  either online through Amazon FBA or other online platforms or selling through retail stores is a very high profit and high volume business. Contact HimPharm to know how, why and what teas you should source?

FAQs - Herbal Green and Black Teas

Below we provide some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to help answer a lot of queries HimPharm receives around White Label, Private Label or Contract Manufacturing of herbal green and black teas. These include Herbal Tea, Tisanes, Green Tea and Black Tea. For any other questions that are not covered below, please feel free to write to our Global Sales Team at the Contact HimPharm Page.

I have a custom tea formula for a specific tea, will HimPharm develop it for me? What will be the Minimum Order Quantity, MOQ for this tea?​

Yes, HimPharm can develop the custom formula with you. Contact HimPharm’s Sales mentioning details of your product’s requirement to discuss MOQs, cost & delivery timelines.

Details required for the custom formulation of tea product

1. Formula and ingredients,
2. Primary packing preference,
3. Secondary packing preference,
4. Order quantity – order quantity for the first order,
5. Target cost – If you have a target cost or budget outlay for the project.
6. Testing – Nutritional value or other testing requirements,
7. Timelines – Deadlines for making this purchase,
8. Other services required – Would you require any other services like product development, designing, warehousing, etc?
8. Other considerations – Any other considerations you would like to mention?

What are the minimum order quantity (MOQs) for various types of services and teas at HimPharm?

White Label Tea – HimPharm offers loose leaf tea in a zip-lock kraft paper pouche under its white label offering. The white label tea is offered in quantities of 500 & 1000 pouchs per tea variant or SKU.

Private Label Tea – Under HimPharm’s private label services HimPharm offers a large number of primary and secondary packing options to customise your tea requirement. The MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) under private label can vary based on what your final product requirement is. HimPharm can offer the below mentioned tea packing options under its private label offering

1. Loose Tea in Bulk packing – 25, 50 or 100 Kg tea blends.
2. Tea in kraft paper pouches
3. Single Chamber Tea bags
4. Hand-made tea bags
5. Pyramid bags – available in Nylon and bio-degradable materials
6. Tea Wands
7. Tea sticks

Contract Manufacturing of Tea – Contract our Sales Team to understand MOQs for contract manufacturing of teas. The MOQs for contract manufacturing of tea are based on two dependencies
1. Quarterly MOQs and
2. Annual MOQs

I am just launching a new company, and have a small budget for Tea Products I want to sell through Amazon FBA. how can HimPharm help my startup get products to market in a small budget?

Our advice to all new entrants in the tea business & startups who wish to sell online through channels like Amazon FBA, Flipkart Assured, Nykaa, Paytm, Snapdeal, etc is to start selling in a small batch to test markets. You can source small batches of multiple teas through HimPharm’s White Label services. Based on your initial response, market test & sales experience from the initial small batch you can get an initial understanding of the market. Based on that understanding one can tweak their marketing plan, change or customise packing, transition to sourcing products in Private Label, or even contract manufacturing.

This initial small batch allows you to minimise risk while understanding the demand from the market. HimPharm has worked with marketing companies that ordered a large variety of teas in small numbers under the White Label service, to then move some products from their initial order to our Private Label service so that they could customize the container labels, get better cost on their sourcing, and scale their sales once they understood the market &demand potential for their product(s).

What companies or tea brands does HimPharm manufacture for?

HimPharm does not name or declare brands, companies or customers they manufacture teas for. This is to maintain the client’s confidentiality. All sourcing companies like to protect their supply source, and hence HimPharm does not share information about customers or projects.

What teas can I wholesale from HimPharm's catalogue?

You can explore two fantastic wholesale tea services offered by HimPharm

White LabelDiscover HimPharm’s White Label Product’s Catalogue to explore our wide range of white-label tea offerings available for wholesale. Get in touch with us to discuss sourcing caffeinated or decaf/caffeine-free teas for your wholesale needs. These White Label Teas come in our standard White Label stand-up pouches.

Private Label– Take a look at HimPharm’s Private Label Product’s Catalogue to find a variety of private label teas available for wholesale. You can choose from many attractive packaging options and customize them to suit your brand. Contact our Sales team at HimPharm to start a conversation about the teas you can wholesale.

What is the best before, expiry date or shelf life for tea manufactured at HimPharm? How must tea be stored?

At HimPharm, we take pride in our commitment to providing only 100% natural tea products, without any additives or preservatives that could affect the tea’s purity and taste. The shelf life of our teas typically ranges from 9 to 36 months from the date of packing, depending on the type of tea, the primary and secondary packaging utilized, and the storage conditions.

To ensure the optimum shelf life of our teas, it’s essential to store them in an opaque, airtight container, away from heat and light. Additionally, maintaining a specific humidity level that suits the particular type of tea is crucial for preserving its quality and flavor.

By adhering to proper storage practices, you can continue to enjoy the freshness and goodness of HimPharm’s natural tea products throughout their shelf life, guaranteeing a delightful tea-drinking experience every time.

Will there be discounts based on quantities that I order for private label herbal teas or green teas? If I order a larger number of SKUs will I be able to negotiate a better price with HimPharm for the teas that I source?

Exactly, you’ve got it right! When HimPharm receives larger quantity orders, several factors contribute to lower per-unit manufacturing costs:

Volume Discounts from Suppliers: HimPharm can negotiate better prices for ingredients from its suppliers due to the higher volume of raw materials required for larger production lots. This volume discount helps reduce the overall cost of manufacturing each unit.

Economies of Scale: Processing bigger production lots allows HimPharm to save on fixed costs, such as equipment setup, labor, and machinery maintenance. These savings are spread across a larger number of units, thus reducing the per-unit cost.

Volume Discounts on Packaging: By ordering a higher quantity of packaging materials, such as labels, boxes, and tea bag materials, HimPharm can negotiate volume discounts with vendors, further lowering the manufacturing cost per unit.

Freight Cost Savings: HimPharm benefits from better pricing on both inbound and outbound freight for larger shipments. This helps in reducing the transportation cost per unit, as the cost is distributed over more units.

Margin Adjustment: With larger production batches, HimPharm can adjust its profit margins while offering lower prices to customers. This ensures that both HimPharm and its customers benefit from the cost savings generated by producing in bulk.

By taking advantage of these cost-saving strategies, HimPharm can offer competitive prices for larger quantity orders, making it a win-win situation for everyone – your company, your customers and HimPharm.

So if I keep increasing my order quantity, then will price keep decreasing? What are bigger lots at HimPharm? By how much should I increase the quantity to get better pricing?

It depends. HimPharm’s price will not decrease with every increase in tea lot size. The tea prices decrease when the quantity increases by a certain number. Many factors drive this decrease. Check with the HimPharm Sales team for a price for your sourcing volume.

I have the sample of a tea that I want HimPharm to copy and make for me in my brand name, Can HimPharm copy a specific tea? Will they share samples of these teas for my tasting? Are there any charges for product development? how does such Tea Development work at HimPharm

Yes. HimPharm can copy a tea for you. HimPharm will not copy any product that is protected by Patents or Intelectual Property rights. New product development is charged at a cost to cover HimPharm’s effort in developing the new tea mix. The development cost for a tea development project covers the sampling costfor this new tea. Contact HimPharm to know more.

I want to order Tea Bags - Are tea bags wrapped in an individual envelope? Do they have a Tag? Are the tea bags stapled to the thread?

Tea Bag with outer Envelope Sachet and Tag

Yes, the tea bags are wrapped in individual envelopes. The Teabag comes with a tag attached to it through a thread.

No, the tea bag is not stapled to the thread. Stapled tea bags are banned from use by the regulatory authority in India. Please see the picture of the tea bag above for more details

I know I want to pack tea in Tea Bags as my primary packing. What are my options for the secondary packing? Which one should I use - A box, tin can or a wooden box to pack tea bags?

You must make this choice based on your target market and budget for the product. HimPharm can help you choose by providing details of the cost and minimum order quantity involved with each secondary packing option. Based on these inputs you can decide if you want to pack the tea bags in a square printed tin container or a paper monocarton or other final packing options.

I have received the quote for the teas & the samples for my selected tea from HimPharm. How do I order products now? What kind of documents and inputs are required from me to formalise the order?

For all tea enquires, HimPharm Sales will provide a price quote for the tea product. If the price quoted for the tea is in line with expectations, then HimPharm will share samples of selected teas.When samples are approved and you wish to place an order for a tea, then HimPharm will email all documents that may be required to formalise the purchase.

How long will it take to manufacture and deliver the Tea once I have placed an order? What are the supply time lines, Turnaround or lead times for any tea I order for?

You’ll love HimPharm’s quick turnaround time.

White label tea is dispatched within 1 to 4 weeks.

Private Label & Contract Manufactured tea takes more time to dispatch. The lead time is dependant on the type of tea, packaging and quantity. Timelines can only be worked out on a project to project basis.

How can I find the status of my tea order or herbal tea production run?

Constant client communication & managing of your expectations is what sets HimPharm apart!

When a Tea order comes in, someone from our team will be made in-charge of your Tea supply account. This account manager shall be the point person for all communications with you.

Your account manager shall share an email Tea production status update with you & your team once every week with the option to get on a call to discuss the status update the next business day. All timelines are transparently shared with the order documentation, and progress updates are shared regularly in an organised way to make sure your tea buying experience at HimPharm stays positive

Can I supply my own packaging for you to pack in or my own labels to stick on the tea product(s)?

HimPharm accepts client packaging or labels under its Private Label or Contract Manufacturing services.

HimPharm does not accept client packaging or labels for its White Label Teas.

Can I supply my own packaging for you to pack in or my own labels to stick on the tea product(s)?

HimPharm accepts client packaging or labels under its Private Label or Contract Manufacturing services.

HimPharm does not accept client packaging or labels for its White Label Teas.

Will HimPharm warehouse or distribute my finished products for me?

HimPharm offers warehousing services as an additional service. Get in touch with HimPharm to find out warehousing costs.

HimPharm does not distribute products on behalf of customers & does not offer drop-shipping at the moment.

HimPharm can ship bulk consignments or shipments within India, or internationally to a third-party warehousing company, logistics, drop-shipping or fulfilment company that can assist you with your distribution requirements.

How does HimPharm accept payments?

HimPharm accepts payments through multiple channels including bank transfers, wire transfers. Speak to our Sales Team for more methods of payment & payment terms for your orders.

What are the payment terms for tea orders placed with HimPharm?

HimPharm has standard payment terms.

These payment terms differ depending on the service you choose to source your teas under – White Label, Private Label or Contract Manufacturing. 

Payment Terms White label- 100% advance with Purchase Order, Contract against a ProForma Invoice. 


Payment Terms Private Label & Contract Manufacturing – 50% advance with Purchase Order, Contract against a ProForma Invoice. The balance payment is made before dispatch of consignment from HimPharm’s facility against the final invoice and final statement of account.

What is White Label Tea?

At HimPharm a white label tea is a stock product that is sold by HimPharm to a large number of clients in their brand’s or company’s name. Each buyer or client is selling the same tea & packing with no difference other than having their brand’s name & logo on the product label. HimPharm does not modify the product, it’s packing or it’s label other than to have the client’s name with their logo on the label. These products that can be sold in smaller quantities to a larger number of clients to adjust for batch sizes are referred to as White Label Tea products. White label is also commonly referred to as “Private Label low minimum.”

What is a Stock Tea Product?

The stock tea product is the tea offered in the white label packing option – for both primary and secondary packing (please refer to the packing pictures above). The stock tea product is offered as-is, with no customization. The tea is manufactured in a large quantity by HimPharm and is stocked for sale as white label product. No changes are made either to the tea, the pack size, the packing or the label – except for adding the client’s company name, logo, address and the Maximum Retail Price (if required).

Can I order Less Than 500 units per product SKU under White Label?

HimPharm will not provide a tea product for an order quantity of less than 500 packs per product per order under its White Label supply vertical.

What is a Tisane? What is tisanes definition? What is Tisane Tea Meaning?

A dictionary defines Tisane as “an infusion (as of dried herbs) used as a beverage or for medicinal effects.”

Tisanes (pronounced as ti-zahnes) is the same as Herbal Tea. It is a synonym for Herbal Tea. The word comes from Middle English & Anglo-French origin. It is derived from the Latin ptisana or from the Greek word ptisanē, which translated to literally “crushed barley“. Also from ptissein to crush, similar to Pestle.

Tisanes are not tea at all though. What is commonly referred to as Tea, is the leaf from the Camellia sinensis plant. However, Tisanes or caffeine-free herbal tea(s) do not contain leaves of the tea plant at all. Tisanes are merely infusions or herb mixtures, combinations that are made from the various parts of plant(s), including leaves, bark, roots, berries, seeds, and spices.

Tea vs Tisane – A big difference in tea and tisane is that tea (Camellia sinensis) leaf contains caffeine.

Can I order tasting samples of HimPharm's Tea(s) before I place an order?

Absolutely! At HimPharm, you have the opportunity to order samples for tasting and testing before placing a larger order. We understand the importance of ensuring the quality and taste of our products before making a commitment.

While HimPharm is happy to send out samples, we do charge a token sample amount along with shipping freight for these samples. This helps us manage the numerous sample requests we receive and allows us to offer the highest quality products for your tasting experience. By charging a nominal amount, we can ensure that you receive the freshest and best-quality tea available.

Rest assured, investing in our sample offerings allows you to make an informed decision about your order, ensuring that you are completely satisfied with the taste and quality of our teas. We value your trust in our products and aim to provide you with the best tea-drinking experience possible.

I want to order bulk loose leaf tea without packing - is this something I can source from HimPharm?

Yes, you can order Loose Leaf Tea in bulk quantities from HimPharm. Contact HimPharm’s sales team with details of your tea requirements to begin a conversation for sourcing loose leaf teas.

Does HimPharm ship teas internationally?

Yes, HimPharm ships tea internationally. To know more contact HimPharm to start a conversation.

What different types of tea or tea blends does HimPharm manufacture?

At HimPharm, we take pride in manufacturing four types of high-quality teas to cater to your diverse preferences:

Herbal Teas (Tisanes): Our herbal teas, also known as tisanes, are crafted without tea leaves and made from a delightful blend of herbs and spices. We offer a wide variety of decaf or caffeine-free herbal teas that are specially balanced to deliver rich color, enticing taste, and captivating aroma. These teas are not only flavorful but also designed to address various health conditions.

Green Tea: Enjoy the natural goodness of green tea, which comes from the unoxidized leaves of the tea plant, Camellia sinensis. Our green teas retain a wealth of antioxidants and beneficial compounds found in tea leaves due to minimal processing. Collected from various tea gardens in India, our green teas offer a refreshing and healthful experience.

Naturally Flavored Green Teas: Delight your taste buds with our naturally flavored green teas, which combine the goodness of green tea leaves with an exquisite blend of herbs and spices. These teas are not only delicious and aromatic but also offer a plethora of health benefits. HimPharm specializes in creating a wide variety of naturally seasoned herbal green teas that may help soothe several health problems.

Black Tea: Indulge in the richness of black teas, which are the oxidized leaves of the tea plant, Camellia sinensis. The oxidation process gives black tea its unique flavor, aroma, and deep color when infused in water. We source black teas from diverse tea gardens across India, offering an array of options such as Jasmine Tea, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Assam Black Tea, Masala Chai, Darjeeling Black Tea, Nilgiri Black Tea, Kangra Tea, and many more.

With HimPharm’s wide selection of high-quality teas, you can savor an array of flavors and health benefits. Choose from our herbal, green, naturally flavored green, and black teas to elevate your tea-drinking experience.

Does HimPharm help with documentation if I am importing teas into another country?

HimPharm has experience in shipping herbal tea, green tea, flavoured green tea, decaf tea, caffeinated tea, black tea & flavoured black teas to global destinations.

Most documents required for imports already exist with HimPharm. In some rare case where some additional documents, certificates or test certificates are required, HimPharm works with you to provide these.

As a standard practice, HimPharm checks for required certificates and consignment documents that are needed for clearing imports early in our conversations with you.

I am concerned about meeting FDA labelling compliance, How can HimPharm help me make sure I am compliant?

HimPharm follows FDA compliant manufacturing practices & also makes sure that your labels are FDA compliant.

Are there any other fees or charges, set up fees or label plate charges that are charged extra on the Primary or Secondary packing options for any tea products I source from HimPharm?

White Label Tea- No Set-up fee, label design, plate charges, or other charges under white label.

Private Label & Contract Manufacturing- Depending on the primary & secondary packing, there may be some extra charges.

Some instances that involve extra charges

Teabag Tags- Teabags have a tag attached with a thread to them. A custom design can be printed on the Tag. This custom tag comes at an extra cost. 

Teabag Envelope- Every teabag is wrapped in an envelope, also called a sachet. A design can be printed on the envelope. This custom envelope print comes at an extra cost. 

Tin printing- A design can be printed on the tin can. This tin printing comes at an additional cost.

Box printing & cutting- A design can be printed on the Mono carton box. The box can also be designed to assemble in a customised way. This print and design come at an extra cost.

These design customisations could cost, based on your requirement.

How are supply prices for teas shared? What do HimPharm's prices for teas include or exclude?

HimPharm will provide a single price (per unit or SKU price) for the tea product in response to a “request for tea quote”.

The price for tea is provided as

For shipping within India – The provided price will be ex-factory price for one unit, one piece or per SKU. The ex-factory price does not include GST (tax), or the freight (transportation) charges to the destination.

Shipping outside India – HimPharm will provide an ex-factory price or a CIF (Cost + Insurance + Freight) price at the destination. If you are sourcing from outside India, please make sure to share your address or nearest international airport in your conversation with HimPharm. If HimPharm shares an ex-factory price, the ex-factory price does not include the cost of customs clearance or international freight to destination.

Are HimPharm's teas Organic?

All teas from HimPharm are Natural Teas. HimPharm does not offer Organic Teas or Certified Organic Tea.

How much tea does HimPharm package in every tea bag? 

The recommended sizes for the different teabags are provided below

Single Chamber Teabag – Between 1.5 to 2 grams per teabag.
Double Chamber Teabag – Between 1.5 to 2 grams per teabag.
Hand-made Teabag – Between 1.5 to 1.75 grams per teabag.
Pyramid bag – Between 2 to 3 grams per teabag.
Pot Bag – Between 1.5 to 2 grams per potbag.
Tea Stick – Between 2 to 2.5 grams per teastick.
Tea Wand – Between 2 to 2.5 grams per teawand.

Does HimPharm grow its own ingredients for use in the teas?

No, HimPharm does not grow all the ingredients for the tea at its farm. Some ingredients are harvested from HimPharm’s farms, but other ingredients are collected by HimPharm from sustainable sources.

How many tea bags should I package per box?

This depends on your target market. The industry standard is to pack 25 tea bags per pack, but we’ve had clients ask for 15, 18, 30 or even 100 tea bags per pack.

How should I price my product? What should be the MRP on the product? Is it mandatory to have a MRP printed on the product?

Product pricing plays an essential part in determining the success of your tea product.
The retail price of your product depends on many factors. There are many different approaches to calculating the pricing for your teas. HimPharm strongly recommends that you plan your pricing using a logical, scientific method, and not as an after-thought.

As helpful tools, we suggest some steps to understanding the factors you should consider when you price your products.

Step 1: Find pricing strategies within the tea industry to get to a base price.
Step 2: Experiment with your pricing to get a better understanding of Price Elasticity.
Step 3: Ensure that your product pricing drives long-term profit for your business. Otherwise, your endeavour may not be a sustainable one.

Pro Tip: If you can understand pricing even before you approach the product, then you could increase your chances of getting that product that fits well within your marketing strategy.

The MRP, Maximum Retail Price is the maximum price that can be charged by anyone selling that product. It is a regulatory requirement in some countries. Based on your country’s laws, you may need to print the Retail Price on the product. HimPharm can help you do this.

Can I change the ingredients of a stock formula under white label tea?

HimPharm does not make changes to its stock formula under White Label services.

However, we can offer a custom tea blend suited to your need and requirement under our Private Label Service

What does HimPharm need from me for a white label tea I order?

HimPharm needs the below from you for making White Label tea in your brand name
Logo – Your company’s or brand’s Logo to go on the label.
Company details – Your company’s name & full address to go on the label.
Contact details – phone number, email & website you want on the product label.
MRP or MRSP – If it is mandatory in your country to include the MRP or MRSP on the label, then the amount you want the label to carry & the currency.
EAN, UPC or Bar-code – Bar-code details, if you want a bar-code on your label.
Billing & dispatch details – The billing & dispatch details, addresses and contacts.

That’s all the information that HimPharm needs from you to process a white Label tea order.

I want to provide my own raw material for the teas that I want HimPharm to pack - Is this possible?

HimPharm specialises in sourcing ingredients for the teas through its own network and reliable sources that have been vetted over many years. It would be beneficial to let HimPharm source the raw materials for your tea blend through HimPharm’s sources.

I want to send my tea blend manufactured by me that I want HimPharm to pack - Is this possible?

No. HimPharm will not pack a tea blend manufactured elsewhere.

Which teas go well with the addition of milk?

Most black teas go well with the addition of milk. For herbal or green tea based teas, it is suggested that one should not add milk, as these do not mix well in milk.

Does all tea contain caffeine?

All teas that contain the tea leaf, or the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant contain caffeine. Herbal teas do not contain tea leaves and hence these teas are decaf or caffeine free.

Do you use natural, nature identical, artificial or synthetic flavours in tea at HimPharm?

No, no tea manufactured at Healing Herbs, contains any natural, nature-identical, artificial or synthetic flavours.

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