Food products – functional health products

Natural teas & foods provide essential nutrients to the body. At Healing Herbs, our product development teams work tirelessly to strive for great taste and full herb benefits in our teas & foods products. We offer a variety of products to cater to different tastes and health benefits.

Herbal-Tea-loose tea available in tea bags, loose tea pouches, tea sticks

Herbal, Black & Green Teas

A wide selection of Private label herbal, green & black teas and tea blends,  for health benefits ranging from loosing weight to helping one sleep, available in tea bags or loose. The teas contain absolutely nautral ingredients sourced from the mountains to help the body re-gain essential nutrients. Healing Herbs wellness teas helps correct nutritional imbalance, strengthen the immune system & improves health naturally.

Juice in glass bottle 1000 ml


Aloe Vera, fruits & vegetables based healthy juices.

Himalayan Wild Forest Honey and Honey Variants


Honey and other honey based health products flavoured using 100% natural herb extracts for a healthy lifestyle.

packaging for health supplements in paper pouch and glass bottles

Health & Food Supplements

Natural health food supplements for a healthy lifestyle and a better life.