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Our vision

At HimPharm we believe Everyone should have access to great quality natural products.”

Our Why

We want to “enable people to do the things that they are passionate about or love”. To make this a reality HimPharm offer’s itself as a sustainable infrastructure for people to utilize their services to manufacture natural products & sell these products in their own brands & names. To get better control of their lives, to have financial freedom & in the hope of a better future.

Oure Vision for Your Label Natural Products

HimPharm offers all three services – White Label, Private Label & Contract Manufacturing.

White Label
Private Label
Contract Manufacturing

Private label, white label & contract manufacturing are very similar, however, there are small subtle differences in the terms.

A white label product is a generic product that is sold commonly by the manufacturer to a large number of retailers, buyers or clients in their brand names. Each retailer, buyer or client is selling the same product with no difference other than their brand name on the product label. The retailer, buyer or client does not have the option to modify the product. A white label product can be sold in smaller quantities to a larger number of buyers or clients to adjust for a manufacturer’s batch size.

A private label product is a unique product that is exclusively manufactured by a manufacturer for a retailer, buyer or client in the clients brand name. The retailer, buyer or client has the option to modify the product as per their brand, selling & marketing requirements. A private label product is sold to the client or buyer in higher volumes or quantity than a white label product. A private label product is generally sourced in bulk by a client or buyer in a single transaction.

A contract manufacturing entity, on the other hand, can manufacture a finished or semi-finished product for a client exclusively. The retailer, buyer or client has the option to modify the product as per their brand, selling & marketing requirements. A contract manufacturing agreement is generally for a longer duration or for on-going supply to the buyer or client.

White Label

Easy, Fast, Low MOQ, Stock Product
  • Stock Product, Label & container
  • Low Minimums
  • Hassle Free & Simple
  • Super Fast Turnaround
  • Stock, Ready to ship products only
  • Shipping to most countries around the world
  • Your retail price, no restrictions.
  • Paid Sample available
  • No Customisation
  • No Product Development
  • No Facility Visits

Private Label

Stock & Custom Products in Custom Labels
  • Stock or Customized product, label & container
  • Higher Minimums
  • One Stop Solution
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Stock Product & Customized products
  • International Shipping to all countries
  • Your Retail Price, no restrictions
  • Paid Sample available
  • Customize Product, Container or Label
  • New product(s) developed for higher minimums
  • No Facility Visits

Contract Manufacturing

Continous Product Supply in Annual Contracts
  • Stock or Customized product, label & container
  • Annual or monthly contracts
  • One Stop Solution
  • Just in Time Scheduled Turnaround
  • Stock Product & Customized products
  • International Shipping to all countries
  • Your Retail Price, no restrictions
  • Paid Sample available
  • Customize Product, Container or Label
  • New product(s) developed
  • Warehousing Available
  • Facility Visits

Why use HimPharm's Your Label Services?

HimPharm’s been around for a while now – for more than a century – really!

They’ve worked with companies of all sizes over the
years. Ranging from big pharma to a tiny startup, contracts that are executed over years, to single supply contracts. HimPharm’s rich & deep experience in all things natural has helped it come up with innovative, unique foods, supplements & cosmetics. This experience has also helped improve quality, lower prices and offer better solutions to clients & buyers.


Packing Conceptualization

HimPharm develops design concepts & product designs. HimPharm’s design teams work in collaboration with clients to develop a packing concept around a buyer’s need & requirement.

HimPharm develops natural products from scratch. New product development is only undertaken for a Minimum order consideration which generally begins from 3K units per SKU for the product under development, hence it is only available under Private Label or Contract Manufacturing services.

HimPharm charges a product development & sampling fee before undertaking any new product development. Contact our global sales team to develop a product from scratch.


HimPharm offers premium design services at an extra cost – including support for

Label design, Logo development, Insert & leaflet design, Mono-carton design, catalogue design, Promotional material design, Product mock-up design.


Men women health products at HimPharm

End to End - total one stop solution

HimPharm offers all natural product related solutions under one roof – including design, warehousing, logistics, exports, international trade, testing, and so on. Everything is provided so that a buyer can concentrate of selling, and let HimPharm provide everything else.

HimPharm provides logistic solutions for domestic & international freighting. Our Shipping teams regularly handle shipments & consignments through

Domestic & International Couriers and Door Delivery
Domestic Transport by Air, Road & Rail
LCL & FCL International Sea freight

Airport to Airport international logistics


Genuine Herbs & Great Quality

HimPharm has been in this space for over a 100 years. They have identified quality & sustainable sources for genuine herbs. Their experience with herbs & natural products gives them an understanding of best manufacturing practices, genuine top quality herb supply network, testing & quality control protocols & solutions that have been fine tuned over years.
All this experience is available to you when you source your label products from HimPharm.

Scalable manufacturing

HimPharm offers services that enable a buyer to quickly scale their product from small quantities to larger & to huge quantities. The three services – namely White Label, Private Label & Contract Manufacturing enable a buyer to quickly scale their product procurement to meet market demand. HimPharm can easily & rapidly scale production from 200 units to more than 20,000 units per order.

HimPharm provides documentary support for all products manufactured by them through its your label services.

These documents may be required by buyers for

International Trade
Regulatory Approval

Marketing promotions


Communication - the secret sauce to successful client relations

HimPharm maintains constant communication with clients before, during and after the sales & delivery process.

Once an order is placed, up until the dispatch of the order to the client’s warehouse HimPharm provides weekly & regular communications to keep a buyer client informed & abreast on their order’s progress.

Such communication also helps HimPharm plan for any contingencies & in the rare instance indicate a delay in delivery of orders significantly early to match client expectations, manage them better & with greater transparency.

HimPharm's Quality Assurance & Commitment

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers @ Your Label Products.

I am a startup & want to source small quantity or minimums for a product- what service should I use to get products with my logo & company details?

You should check out HimPharm’s White Label products to source low MOQ (minimum order quantity) products – White Label products are available in quantities of 200, 500 & 1000 units per order SKU.

I want to source a product that is a knock off or copy of another product - Can HimPharm provide a similar product?

Provided the product is not protected under Intellectual Property rights, contact HimPharm to start a conversation around a copy product.

Share details of pack size, container, product formulation & label for the product that needs to be copied.

I want a product in HimPharm's Brand label?

No, HimPharm does not provide products in its own brand name. HimPharm is a 100% pure third party manufacturer & will not brand or sell products in their name, as it creates a conflict of interest with clients.

I want a product without having "Manufactured by HimPharm or Healing Herbs on the label". Is this possible at HimPharm?

No, HimPharm will not provide any product without it’s name & address under the manufactured by head on the product label. All final products need to carry the manufacturer’s name, & complete address as per regulations.

I want a product in my label in a foreign country - Can HimPharm export it to my country?

Yes, HimPharm regularly exports to a large number of countries world-wide. Contact HimPharm to know more about International Trade, Export processes, FDA regulations, or timelines.

If I source a white label product from HimPharm, can I source it under private label later when I require higher quantities?

Yes, you can shift from White Label to Private Label or Contract manufacturing at any time.

I want higher minimums on a product but want you to match my target price on a product, can HimPharm match my target price?

HimPharm loves working with buyers who have a target cost finalized for a product that they want to source. Contact HimPharm with details of product, pack size, order quantity per SKU & your target cost for HimPharm to confirm their best supply price.

I have an idea around a product - will himpharm manufacture it for me? What are the minimums for developing a new product?

HimPharm undertakes new product development for a minimum order quantity ranging between 2000 to 3000 units per SKU, depending on the batch size for the new product. New product development by HimPharm is charged a development & sampling feeCall HimPharm Sales to know more.

What are the capacity constraints at himpharm ?

HimPharm has very high capacity for manufacturing all its products. They have helped buyers & clients easily and rapidly scale from initial quantities to high volumes of 100x or 500x of their initial order – Call HimPharm Sales to know more timelines on high quantity or high volume orders.

I want to quickly source a product - without any hassle or inputs from me - How can HimPharm help?