Dr B M Sood

Dr B M Sood


Dr B M Sood, Doctor Brij Mohan Sood has over 45 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.  Dr Sood is a veteran of the industry. He is an expert in Phytochemicals, APIs & Alkaloids manufacturing. He has a very good understanding of the natural herbs and extraction business. 

A certified manufacturing chemist, Dr Sood is passionately dedicated to the world of herbal remedies and natural wellness. His enthusiasm lies in the exploration of herbs, the isolation of new molecules, and the application of naturopathy and herbal formulations to promote well-being.

From crafting natural cosmetics and skincare products to developing food supplements, his goal is to create innovative herbal solutions.

With a vast repertoire of unique herbal formulations for a wide range of ailments, he finds the greatest satisfaction in helping individuals who have been disappointed by other systems of medicine.

It’s truly gratifying for Dr Sood to witness someone’s health improve through herbal remedies he has been a part of designing or manufacturing.

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