Natural Products manufactured by HimPharm in Your Label

Products that can be sourced from HimPharm in your brand name?

Fast moving single herb based extracts also called Dietary or Nutritional Supplements. These natural single ingredient products are targeted as health supplements for many common conditions. These supplements are available in Gelatin or Vegetarian (Vegan) capsules, packed in an attractive HDPE, PET or Glass container.

White HDPE Capsueles Container HimPharm

Personal care natural products. These include products made with herbs, botanical ingredients and essential oils for the face, body & hair. These natural lifestyle products are gentle on skin & hair. Enriched with essential oils, body butters & beneficial herbs these products may go a long way in repairing skin and hair damage from harsh chemicals & extreme weather. HimPharm personal care cosmetics are available in attractive containers, packs with pumps, flip tops or customized caps.

Natural herb based products for sexual well being. These aphrodisiacs or sexual stimulants and natural sexual supplements from HimPharm help improve libido & provide strength. There are different products for men & women that help improve sexual health, vigor. HimPharm’s aphrodisiacs are available in the form of Oil & natural supplements in gelatin or vegetarian capsules, tablets or soft-gelatin (softgel) capsules further packed in attractive packaging options.

Natural cosmetics for face & body. These natural skin care products are refreshing on the face & skin. The unique herbal cosmetics derive their skin benefits from essential oils, body butters & genuine botanical herbs. They are gentle on the skin, repair damage from within and are safe for long term use. HimPharm’s natural cosmetics are available in HDPE, PET, acrylic, SAN, glass container packs with pumps & attractive jars.

Multiple or Poly herb extracts blended together to help with many health related issues. These Ayurvedic and herb based supplements & medicines contain many ingredients together to help with a specific condition. Also called dietary & nutrition supplements, they are available in capsules, tablets, softgel capsules & as syrups or drops in liquid form.

Herb based Teas & Tisanes, Black and Green teas from premium Indian tea estates and gardens. These teas are available as Caffeinated & Non Caffeinated. Caffeinated teas contain Green Tea. These teas come in natural aromas & flavor as per individual taste and targeted use. HimPharm’s natural green tea & herbal teas are available in a large variety of attractive packaging options.

Handmade Glycerine soaps that contain vegetarian oils. These soaps are enriched with beneficial essential oils, body butters, herbs and minerals to provide a refreshing & clean experience in the bath. Glycerine in the soap helps keep the skin soft. These soaps do not contain chemicals to make it hard or to add weight to the soap. Made from pure vegetarian oils HimPharm manufactures & packages them in a variety of packing and labeling options.

Herbs based Oils containing extracts for specific targeted conditions for the hair, body & skin. These oils contain herb extracts blended in vegetarian oils and essential oils that are available in attractive packing & label options to choose from.

HimPharm offers Wild forest Himalayan Honey & Herbs mixed with Honey. The Honey is sourced from the Wild forests in the Himalayan hills. As the honey is collected from higher reaches in the mountains which are away from Human crop cultivation, the raw honey has no pesticide residue. The Honey products are available in PET or Glass jars from HimPharm.

Aloe vera & Herb based Juices containing extracts for nutrition and better health. These Juices contain herbs or in some cases extracts blended in herb based juices for supplementation. HimPharm offers these natural health juices in attractive PET, HDPE & glass bottles.

HimPharm manufactures Oils, creams & lotions for gentle skin care for children and babies. These products contain body butters, and herbs for better skin health, nourishment. Made with minimum food grade preservatives these baby care products do not contain harsh chemicals or allergens. The baby skin care products are available in attractive packing for the shower gel, lotion & shampoo.

Herb based powders and mixes containing crushed herbs with or without natural herb based flavors for nutritional health benefits. These powders are pure herb mixes or stand alone herb powders that are known for health benefits. HimPharm’s herb powders & supplements are available in attractive packaging & label options.