Gentle Baby Care – For a perfect soft skin.

There is nothing as soft and delicate as the skin of a baby. Healing Herb’s Natural Baby Care products are a natural, herbal and safe solution for your baby’s skin. Our Baby Care products are extremely gentle on the baby’s fragile skin. Herbs are a rich source of nutrients, vitamins and hence help the skin overcome deficiencies and repair skin damage to give soft, smooth skin – naturally.

  • Angel Wings Baby Massage Oil
    Angel Wings Baby Massage Oil
    Natural massage oil for delicate baby skin. Angel Wings baby oil is best for baby massages as it reduces ...
  • Baby Lotion
    Baby Lotion
    Baby Lotion – Mild, soft and pure Healing Herbs baby lotion is a non-greasy lotion containing natur ...
  • Baby Shampoo
    Baby Shampoo
    Baby Shampoo – natural, gentle, safe. Healing Herbs Baby Shampoo is a safe, no tears shampoo which ...

At Healing Herbs we use fresh ingredients and good quality herbs to provide a delicate pampering experience. As the baby’s skin is easily irritated we use herbs which have been traditionally known to be soft and healthy for the baby’s skin.

Healing Herb’s Natural Baby Care product do not contain any synthetic agents, dyes or essences to cause any kind of irritation to the baby’s delicate skin. We use only the freshest of mother natures produce. Our natural baby care products can be used for without fear of any skin damage. Healing Herb’s Natural Baby Care products are allergy free personal care solution for your sweet little one.