Aphrodisiacs For Men

Natural Aphrodisiacs for Men – for a great sex life.​

Good healthy love life – a happier you – Good times.

We make natural aphrodisiacs for men in private label, as white lable products to help with issues related to the male reproductive organ.

HimPharm also gets into contract manufacturing of Male natural aphrodisiacs.

Herbal Aphrodisiacs for Men are health supplements which are herb based, safe and natural. We manufacture these using genuine best quality herbs and good manufacturing practices. The Herbal Aphrodisiacs for Men are safe for extended period use as they are natural and not habit forming. They also do not create dependency of an individual on the formulation.

These supplements contain time-tested natural and safe herbal extracts which have been manufactured as per the latest research in the field of herbs and their uses. These sexual aids try to take care of various sexual problems from the root of the issue and don’t just provide a temporary relief to the user.

Herbs contain active ingredients which help rectify various male reproductive organ problems ranging from erectile dysfunction to sperm enhancement. For more details click on the links above to check out the ingredients used in each formulation. All ingredients used in our Herbal Aphrodisiacs for Men are natural ingredients or herbal extracts which have been known to rectify various health issues. 



Virility and Sexual Satisfaction - HimPharm's Range of High-Quality Sexual Health Supplements & Aphrodisiacs for Your Men's Intimate and Sexual Wellness Offering.

Aphro Enhancer for sperm count and mobility

Aphro Enhancer for good sperm count & sperm quality. Aphro Enhancer is a herbal formulation that enhances sperm count. It is a good aphrodisiac and nerve recitative.


Aphro Shila is a purified extract of Asphaltum punjabianum (Shilajit).
Aphro Shila is perhaps the most potent rejuvenator and anti aging elixir ever known to mankind. Shilajit means conqueror of mountains & destroyer of weakness.

Natural sex stimulant for men. Natural aphrodisiac for men. MasForte is a herbal formulation for increasing libido, decreasing frigidity and increasing endurance in men.

Natural product for men’s health and libido. Virile Herbo promotes libido, it helps to rectify basic erectile dysfunction and early discharge.

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