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What are Herbal Blends and Herb Formulas?

Herbal blends and herbal formulas are powerful combinations of different herbs that work together to provide a range of health benefits. These blends and formulas are carefully crafted by HimPharm to create safe, well-balanced, and effective multi-herb formulas. Available in various forms such as powders, capsules, tablets, and syrups, these herbal blends and formulas can be used to support various aspects of health such as digestion, immunity, stress, sleep, and a host of other such aspects.

Herbal formulations are a dosage form consisting of multiple processed herbs in specified quantities to provide specific nutritional or cosmetic benefits. These formulations contain one or multiple active substances obtained by subjecting herbs to processes such as extraction, distillation, purification, and concentration.

At HimPharm, herbal formulas are created by taking into consideration the unique properties of each herb and how they work together to achieve a desired effect. This is done using a universal method for creating a balanced formula where each herb contributes its unique properties, creating a synergistic effect that enhances the overall therapeutic potential of the blend. For example, a herbal formula for stress may include adaptogenic herbs that help the body adapt to stress, along with calming herbs that soothe the nervous system.

The herbal blends and formulas at HimPharm are created as potent formulas using only total standardised extracts. These herbal extracts have better effect when compared to normal extracts or simple herb blends and can be analytically tested to standardize the effects and strength of the blends across multiple batches of the same product. This enables HimPharm to offer the best and most effective herbal blends and herbal formulas to its clients and other businesses.

In summary, herbal blends and herbal formulas are powerful tools that can be used to support health and well-being. By combining different herbs in specific ways, HimPharm is able to create effective remedies that can help with a wide range of health concerns.

Herbal Blends and Herb Formulas at HimPharm

Artho Healer Capsules for Arthritis

Artho Healer is a herbal formula that may help with Rheumatic and musculoskeletal disorders. 

Astho Forte is a herb formula that may help with Asthma and breathing issues. 

Braino Stimulator is a natural extract formula that may help with better brain function & healthy nerve cells. 

Cardio Healer is an extract blend that may help with heart muscles and cardiac function. 

Cough Cure is a herb blend in syrup form that may help soothe a sore throat and an allergic cough. 

Dibo Heal is a natural extract formulation that may help control blood sugar and diabetes.

Epilepsia is a blend of natural herb extract that are traditionally known to help with the nervous system.

Fortified Live Up is a super effective Supplement that contains herb extracts that may help with maintaining liver health.

Hemo Pure is a natural extract blend syrup that contains herb extracts which may help remove blood impurities and purify the blood.

HerboCid is a natural extract formula that acts as an antacid and may help in promoting digestion. 

Immuno Forte is a natural extract formulation that contains beneficial herb extracts which help improve the body’s defenses and increase immunity.

Memo Herb is a herbal extracts blend that may help with improving memory & focus, reducing confusion, and maintaining healthy brain cells.

Menopausal Plus is a herbal formulation that may provide nutrition and supplementation needed at and after menopause.

Mensulator: Unlock Natural Relief for Menstrual Challenges. Experience the Power of a Unique Herbal Extract Blend to Alleviate Heavy, Painful, Scanty, or Crampy Menstruation.

Multi cap – experience the benefits of a unique herbal health supplement, which may help provide essential nutrients such as proteins, fibre, and minerals for optimal body functioning & health.

Naturo punch: Recharge your vitality with a powerful herb extracts blend. Experience the perfect supplement for general debility and weakness, packed with essential micronutrients to revitalize your energy.

Naturo reliever: Discover natural relief for gas, bloating, and indigestion. Experience the power of a natural formula enriched with herbal extracts to soothe digestive discomfort, alleviate bloating, and promote optimal digestion.

Pain Guard Herbal Oil – Experience natural relief from joint pains with enriched herbal oil. Harness the power of natural ingredients to soothe and alleviate joint discomfort for enhanced mobility and well-being.

Phaseo blocker: Harness the natural power of Phaseolus vulgaris herb extract. Unlock the potential of a compound found in numerous commercial anti-obesity and anti-diabetes products. Experience the benefits of blocking long-chain carbohydrates for general well-being and weight management.

ProstateUp: Empower your prostate health with a powerful blend of herb extracts. Experience the potential benefits of a formulation designed to support prostate health and address prostate enlargement

Reno plus: Embrace kidney health with a natural herbal extract formula. Unlock the potential benefits of natural ingredients designed to support kidney health and maintain kidney function.

Experience natural kidney stone relief with a powerful herbal extract formulation. Meet the potential benefits of natural ingredients designed to help reduce and eliminate kidney stones safely and naturally.

Stay slim is a natural weight loss support with a powerful slimming aid. Experience the potential benefits of natural ingredients that regulate metabolic rate and help the body shed excess weight safely and naturally.

Stress Care – Welcome into your life a natural aid for stress with a powerful herbal extract formula. Experience the potential benefits of natural ingredients designed to help manage stress and support overall well-being.

WoMax – Adopt effective natural support for urinary disorders with a concoction of pure herbs and natural ingredients. Experience the potential benefits of a formulation designed to aid in recurrent urinary tract infections, burning urination, and for enhanced urinary health

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