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What is Contract Manufacturing?

Contract manufacturing is the manufacture of a finished or semi-finished product for a client exclusively on a continuous basis generally for a minimum annual, quarterly or monthly quantity. The retailer, buyer or client has the option to modify the product as per their brand or HimPharm can develop a new product based on the buyer’s  selling & marketing requirements.

HimPharm has successfully executed contract manufacturing projects with a number of global supply partners including major pharmaceuticals & FMCG companies. 

contract manufacturing agreement is an agreement to supply & purchase between the manufacturer & the buyer that details the terms and conditions settled between the supplier & the buyer, including length or time the agreement will be valid for,  the details of the product(s), quality, frequency of the supply runs, specifications of packaging, logistics, payments and so on. 

contract manufacturing agreement is for a longer duration or for on-going supply by the manufacturer to the buyer.

Who would benefit from HimPharm's Contract Manufacturing ?

Retailers, individuals, consultants and companies that need a sustainable source for delivering products to meet their growing demands for food products, health supplements, natural nutritional solutions, skin, body & hair care herbal cosmetics or specialized natural products are a group that can take advantage of HimPharm’s experience & expertise in the Natural Product manufacturing  domain.

HimPharm also works as an ingredients supplier for a large base of manufacturing companies that need to meet their own Pharmaceutical APIs or bulk herb extracts requirements. HimPharm has worked on Job work contracts & third party manufacturing solutions for global manufacturing businesses that have required capacity enhancement without wanting to invest in new infrastructure. HimPharm specializes in such turn-key tolling arrangements.

"Everyone should have access to great quality natural products."

We want to enable people to do the things that they are passionate about or love – to make this a reality HimPharm offer’s itself as a sustainable infrastructure for people to utilize their services to manufacture natural products & sell these products in their own brands & names. To get better control of their lives, to have financial freedom & in the hope of a better future.

Why Use HimPharm's Contract Manufacturing Services

HimPharm can develops natural products & supplements from scratch for your contract manufacturing needs.

HimPharm can match a current product that you are marketing or selling. We can also duplicate similar products that may be looking to market. If you want HimPharm to make a new product around your requirement Contact our global sales team to start a conversation around your product requirement.

If you want to source products with smaller minimums, visit our White Label Products page to source a Stock or Ready Product for quantities starting for as low as 200 units per SKU.

If you want to source higher minimums but not in regular supply schedules but on an order by order basis, check out our Private Label page for more details. 


HimPharm offers premium design services for your contract manufacturing needs. HimPharm’s design services including support for Label design, Logo development, Insert & leaflet design, Mono-carton design, Catalogue design, Promotional material design, Product mock-up design & more customization to designs & labels


HimPharm’s is a pure 100% Third Party manufacturer. They have been working on Natural Products for a really long time. When you engage HimPharm’s Private Label services you have access to their vast knowledge & manufacturing resources.

HimPharm has executed a large number of contracts for supply of both finished and semi-finished ingredients with many of it’s Global supply partners all over the world. This experience with the experience in natural product manufacturing provides an edge to HimPharm in providing right in time Third Party Manufacturing, Job Work & Contract Manufacturing services.


Product Knock off or Copy

HimPharm can develop products to match an existing product that you are already marketing or improve it based on their vast & deep experience with herbs and natural ingredients.

With inputs on what are the latest trends, the safe packing options and what are the mandatory labeling requirements in your country HimPharm can provide a knock off or similar product to meet your product requirements.

HimPharm’s Product Team works in collaboration with you to develop a product concept around your needs, requirements & the regulatory environment. Fill out the Contract Manufacturing contact form below to start a conversation with HimPharm around the product you wish to market.

All solutions under one roof

HimPharm takes care of all your contract manufacturing needs. Right from helping you conceptualize the product to manufacturing it & managing deliveries of the product in time to your warehouse. Everything is taken care of by HimPharm so that you, our buyer, can concentrate on selling your product.

Irrespective of where you are based, whether in India or another country, HimPharm will provide logistic & freighting solutions for domestic & international shipping requirements of the contracted product. HimPharm’s Shipping Teams regularly move shipments & consignments through various domestic and international modes including Domestic & International Couriers and Door Delivery, Domestic Transport by Air, Road & Rail, LCL & FCL International Sea freight, or Airport to Airport international transfers.


HimPharm has been in the contract manufacturing and supply space for over a 100 years. HimPharm has identified quality & sustainable sources for genuine herbs. Their experience with herbs & natural products gives them an understanding of best manufacturing practices, genuine top quality herb supply network, testing & quality control protocols & solutions that have been fine tuned over years.
All this experience is available to HimPharm’s contract manufacturing clients when they source their products from HimPharm.

Scale supply effortlessly

HimPharm offers services that enable a buyer to quickly & effortlessly scale their product from small quantities to larger & really big quantities and then offer products JIT – Just in Time. This is managed by HimPharm through quick turnaround times to ensures that you are not investing in inventory for these contract manufactured products.

HimPharm provides complete documentary support for all products contract manufactured by them .



HimPharm maintains constant communication with you throughout the manufacturing, dispatch & delivery process. HimPharm sends out weekly progress & status updates on your orders to ensure that you are involved in the complete process – step by step.


HimPharm offers warehousing support for your packing, Raw material & finished goods. The warehousing is offered at an extra cost based on the size and volume of goods warehoused.

How does Contract Manufacturing work at HimPharm

Select or develop Product

Select Container​

Design Label

First Lot Shipped

Sign Contract

Contracted Supply

Contract manufacturing steps at HimPharm

Step by step process for Contract Manufacturing at HimPharm 

Faq - Contract Manufacturing Frequently asked questions

Can I get a UPC code or bar code on my labels?

Yes absolutely, HimPharm will be happy to put your bar-code or UPC code on the label. While it is not a mandatory requirement, however if you supply HimPharm with the UPC code or bar code – HimPharm will include it on the label for your product

What is a Contract Manufacturing of Products at HimPharm?

At HimPharm a contract manufactured product is a natural product that has either been customized to the buyer’s requirement or has been developed from scratch as a new product. This product’s packaging and labels have been specially developed for the client in case the client is sourcing a finished product.

HimPharm generally services exclusive products to the client under contract manufactured products that it does not sell to any other retailer, client or buyer. The contract manufactured product is sold by HimPharm at an agreed price as per the contract agreement. The client mostly sources products regularly based on their supply purchase agreement with HimPharm with a guaranteed minimum quantity that is sourced every month, quarter or year.

What is the minimum quantity to order a product under Contract Manufacturing at HimPharm?

HimPharm does not undertake contract manufacturing of a product for less than 5,000 SKUs per product per month. The annual contract is for a minimum of 50,000 units of a single product packing. 

HimPharm also offers products in smaller quantities under its other services. Check out Private Label or White Label to source products in smaller quantities. 

What if my requirement for a product is less but regular - can I order less than 10K units per product SKU per month?

Please fill out the contact form at the end of this page with more details of the product & your requirement – HimPharm’s global sales team will get to understand your product and quantity requirements.

Can I order a large variety of products manufactured under contract but work with smaller MOQs ?

Yes, you can order multiple products from HimPharm to manufacture under contract for you. We can discuss minimums if you are ordering more than one product under contract manufacturing, however in this case your total monthly requirement for all products should be in excess of 10000 units & also HimPharm will not manufacture less than 3000 units per product SKU per month in case it is manufacturing multiple products for you under contract manufacturing.

Does HimPharm ship contract manufactured products internationally?

HimPharm ships contract manufactured products – both finished and ingredients internationally to most all locations.

Does HimPharm help with documentation if I am importing Product(s) into another country?

HimPharm has a lot of experience in shipping internationally. They manage exports to mostly all countries through their shipping teams. HimPharm already has documentation that is generally required for import into most countries. In-case some special document, certificate or test is required, then HimPharm works with our clients to provide the additional documents.

Does HimPharm help with FDA labeling compliance, How can HimPharm help me make sure I am compliant?

HimPharm follows FDA compliant manufacturing practices & also makes sure that your labels are FDA compliant. Our product design team will help provide support by proofing your labels around FDAs latest requirements.

What does a Contract manufactured product cost to source?

HimPharm offers many different products that can be sourced though its Contract Manufacturing service. To know more about the price, please fill up the contact form below to contact our sales team. They will quickly be in touch.

Are there any other fees or charges, set up fees or label plate charges that are charged extra on Contract manufacturing of a product from himpharm?

HimPharm will provide a single price (per unit or SKU price) for the selected product under its Contract manufacturing “request for a quote”. All other charges including custom designing, regulatory authority registration, tax, freight or warehousing charges will shared with the product cost. To request a quote – fill up the contact form below.

What are the packaging options under contract manufacturing?

HimPharm offers a wide range of packing options to choose from under contract manufacturing. You can also choose a packaging of your choice, share pictures and details of the packing with HimPharm & then HimPharm can source that packaging for you.

Why does the product label need to carry my company's name, address & Phone Number?

This is a mandatory requirement as per regulations. Also its smart in case your client wants to re-order from you or get in touch.

I want to provide my own packing & labels. will HimPharm use these on the contract manufacturing product that they manufacture for me?

Yes, HimPharm will use your packing and labels if you provide them as long as the packing and labels confirm to laws & regulations.

What other services does himpharm offer other than Contract Manufacturing?

HimPharm offers Private Label & White Label services apart from Contract Manufacturing for sourcing or buying products in your label.

Can I source sample(s) of product(s) before I place an order?

Yes, HimPharm would be happy to send out paid samples. HimPharm gets numerous requests for samples and it wouldn’t be viable for them to send out as many samples as they send out – for free.
Charging a token sample amount + the shipping freight for these samples enables HimPharm to offer the highest quality of products that they possibly can, so that you have the freshest & best quality product available for your testing.

Can I order products without sourcing samples ?

Yes, you can order products without sourcing samples – however we strongly advise you to source a sample to satisfy and appraise yourself of HimPharm’s commitment to manufacturing great quality products.

I received the quote & samples from HimPharm. How do i order products ?

If the quote & samples are in line with your expectations, you can email HimPharm your order – head over to contact us to see our global sales emails.

HimPharm will provide on email the documents that you will need to sign for the order – this shall include a purchase order & the supply purchase contract with details of the price, payment terms, dispatch dates and all other details.

How long will it take to manufacture my product once I have signed a contract? What are the supply time lines, Turnaround or lead time?

You’ll love HimPharm’s transparency. We’ll share detailed timeline schematics on the first run for your product and then the schematics for re-runs as per our contracted supply. The first run under Contract manufacturing take just a little longer that the re-runs as all inputs need to be arranged and sourced as per your requirement. On the re-run unless your requirment for packaging or labels changes, we can achieve a faster turnaround time when compared to the first run.

How can I find the status of my order or production run?

You’ll love the communication at HimPharm!

When an order comes in, someone from our team will be made in-charge of your account. The account manager shall be the point person for all communications with you.

Your account manager shall share an email status update with you once every week with the option to get on a call to discuss the status update the next business day. If you have any queries you can reach out to your account manager on a Voice call, Skype, Facetime audio or WhatsApp audio.

The communication strategy stays the same, as long as HimPharm is executing your contract you will get weekly status updates on the progress of your order(s).

Will HimPharm warehouse or distribute my finished products for me?

HimPharm offers warehousing of finished goods for Contract Manufacturing clients. This warehousing space is chargeable based on area and volume usage. 

HimPharm does not offer drop-shipping or does not distribute finished products. 

But HimPharm ships all over the world and can ship the products to local warehousing companies, logistics, drop-shipping or fulfillment companies nearby that can assist you with your distribution requirements.

Can I change the ingredients of a stock formula to customize it for my requirement in contract manufacturing?

Yes, you can make changes to HimPharm’s stock formula to suit it to your own need and requirement.

How does HimPharm accept payments?

HimPharm accepts payments through multiple channels including bank transfers, wire transfers. Speak to our Sales Team for more methods of payment & payment terms for your orders.

I would like HimPharm to manufacture an ingredient or product in bulk and supply it to me as my raw material - Is this something HimPharm will do?

Yes, HimPharm will provide un-fininshed, semi-finished products to meet your manufacturing requirements. If you want to source an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient, or crude herb or an ingredient for use in your manufacturing process or as a raw material then HimPharm will be able to step in to provide such un-finished products or in-process bulk ingredients or crude herbal extracts to you.

Can I set my own retail price on a product? Are there any restrictions on the retail price?

Yes absolutely, you can set any retail price on your product. There are no restrictions on the retail price.

Why does the label need to carry HimPharm or Healing Herbs name & address?

This is a mandatory requirement as per manufacturing regulations.

Products Contract Manufactured By HimPharm

Discover a Diverse Range of High-Quality Products Sourced from HimPharm for Your Health and Wellness Needs

Boost Your Supplement Sales with HimPharm’s Contract Manufacturing: Unlock the Power of Nutrient-Rich Products Combining Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Botanical Herbs, Extracts, and Nutraceuticals for Optimal Nourishment and Support.

Deliver Great Results – Harness the Power of Nature with HimPharm’s Contract Manufacturing of Single Herb Extract Supplements – Natural, Potent Solutions for Health & Wellness Crafted with the Purest Herb Extracts for Optimum Effectiveness.

Boost Your sourcing efforts with HimPharm’s Contract Manufacturing of Multi-Herb Supplements: Formulated to address a wide range of nutritional concerns. Experience the power of blends, combining select herbs, vitamins, minerals, and healthy ingredients for great health and wellbeing benefits.

Unlock Your Brand’s Potential with HimPharm’s Contract Manufacturing Services. Leverage our Expertise in Producing High-Quality Men and Women’s Aphrodisiac Products Tailored to Your Brand’s Specifications. Gain a Competitive Edge in the Booming Sexual Health Market with Customized Solutions.

Delight your clients with unforgettable flavors – HimPharm’s contract-manufactured teas are expertly crafted with the finest quality leaves and herbs. Available in many packaging options to suit every preference, from convenient tea bags to the richness of loose tea. Experience innovation in presentation, accompanied by the irresistible energizing boost of caffeine or the serene, calming effects of decaffeinated. Immerse your clients in a world of exquisite taste and unmatched quality.

Taste the sweetness of success with HimPharm’s contract manufactured honey. Our honey comes from top-quality hives and is minimally processed to keep all the good stuff in. Get your health and wellness fix with our unique honey blends, infused with herbs and natural extracts for added benefits. Count on HimPharm for amazing honey production and team up with us to create a buzz-worthy product line that’ll have your customers buzzing.

Promote your business with HimPharm’s contract manufacturing services, specializing in powdered mixes, health foods, and nutrients. Our offerings are carefully crafted to deliver superior-quality nutrients that cater to your customers’ optimal health requirements. At HimPharm, we prioritize excellence in packaging, providing you with highly appealing options that showcase our lab-certified, top-quality products. From protein-packed meals to nutrient-dense superfood blends, our extensive range of health and wellness products addresses your nutritional sourcing and sales needs effectively. Partner with HimPharm to offer your customers the finest selection of nourishing products and unlock new opportunities for growth in the health and wellness market.

HimPharm produces top-notch ingredients such as Extracts, Phytochemicals, and APIs for bulk industrial supply. Our meticulous manufacturing processes adhere to the most stringent standards, ensuring the delivery of exceptional quality products. Businesses worldwide rely on our ingredients to enhance their own manufacturing processes and achieve remarkable results. Choose HimPharm as your trusted partner for premium-grade ingredients that meet global industry standards and drive success in your business operations.

Elevate your personal care offerings with HimPharm’s contract manufacturing services. Discover the wonder of nature with our natural and herb-enriched shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, body washes, face washes, and more. Made with premium quality & all-natural ingredients that nourish and revitalize the skin and hair. Partner with HimPharm to create products your customers will love.

Take your brand’s beauty to the next level with HimPharm’s contract manufactured cosmetics. Dive into a world of top-notch ingredients, customized to fit your brand’s specific needs. Check out our wide variety of cosmetics products, including skincare, makeup and more. Count on HimPharm to take care of all your cosmetic manufacturing needs and help your brand reach new heights. Experience the best in beauty with HimPharm’s contract manufacturing services.

Treat your customers to the pure luxury of HimPharm’s contract manufactured natural and gentle soaps. These handcrafted soaps are top-quality, vegetarian, and free from harsh chemicals. Enhaced with the power of all-natural ingredients, our soaps gently cleanse and moisturize the skin. Count on HimPharm to provide unbeatable quality that helps spoil your customers with gentle, chemical-free soap solutions. Take your soap line to the next level with HimPharm’s expertise in contract manufacturing.

Boost your brand with HimPharm’s exceptional contract manufacturing services for body, hair, and essential oils. Elevate your business by partnering with us to create high-quality oils that provide nourishment and hydration for your customers’ skin, hair, and body. Whether you’re looking for a gentle body oil, a nourishing hair oil, or a premium essential oil, HimPharm offers the ideal solutions to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty. Place your trust in HimPharm’s unmatched commitment to quality and leverage our expertise in contract manufacturing to expand and enhance your product line.

Experience the excellence of HimPharm’s contract manufacturing services for natural baby and child skin and hair care products. Our dedication to using the finest ingredients and upholding the highest quality standards ensures that our Baby & Child care products surpass expectations in skincare. Enriched with nourishing herbs, our gentle formulations cater to the unique needs of young ones, providing optimal care for their delicate skin and hair. By partnering with HimPharm, you can offer your customers an irresistible and effective range of baby care products, driving success in your business and rejuvenating your product line. Collaborate with us today to bring the goodness of nature to your customers’ little ones.

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