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Introduction - Private Label Explained

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In the dynamic landscape of commerce, the term Private Label has become a pivotal concept, shaping the strategies of businesses across industries.

Private label products are those that are manufactured by a contract manufacturer or third-party manufacturer. While the product is manufactured by the manufacturer, it is sold to the client in their branding so that the client can sell this product to the final consumer. The product is sold under a buyer’s or client’s brand.

HimPharm is such a Private Label Manufacturer that manufactures custom branded products for other businesses, companies, clients, and individuals.

At its core, Private Label refers to a unique branding strategy where a product is manufactured by one company but marketed under the brand name of another. This strategic approach enables businesses to offer exclusive, customized products to their customers without the burden of manufacturing. Essentially, it involves a symbiotic partnership between a manufacturer from the manufacturing industry and leading retailers, fostering brand loyalty and differentiation in the market.


Understanding Private Label

A Definition

Private Label operating model explained – To comprehend the term “Private Label,” let’s start with a definition from Merriam-Webster Dictionary: “Private Label refers to a product that is manufactured by one company but is offered for sale under the name of another company.” Now, let’s look into the details of this business concept in simpler terms.

The Grocery Store Analogy
Imagine walking down the aisles of your favourite grocery store. You see rows of supermarket products, let’s use the example of cereal boxes, and among them, some have familiar logos and names from national brands that you recognise. These are well-known brands that make their own cereals.
Now, shift your attention to another set of cereals. These don’t have those famous logos; instead, they carry the name of the store itself, like “XYZMart Crunchy Flakes.” These are Private Label products.

Private Label products custom packing & label
Private Label is a Secret Partnership

The Secret Partnership – Understanding the private label business model
Private Label is like a secret partnership between a store, company, individual or seller (referred to as the brand owner)  and a manufacturing company that makes these products. In this partnership, the brand owner asks the manufacturing company to create a special product just for them to sell through their sales channels. It’s a bit like having a secret recipe that only one restaurant knows about.

The Exclusive Club
When the product is ready, it’s put on the brand owner’s shelves, amazon marketplace or their ecommerce websites with the brand owner’s own name on it. So, if you want that particular cereal, you can only find it in those specific stores where the brand owner stocks them. It’s like an exclusive club – the members (or products) have a special connection with that store or stores.

Advantages for Everyone

Now, you might wonder, why do stores, amazon sellers, chain stores, national chains and companies label items and do this? Well, it’s a win-win situation.

  • For the Store:   
    Exclusivity: The store or purchasing company that sell private label products gets to sell something unique that you can’t find anywhere else.
    Control: They have more control over how the product looks and what goes into it.
    Customer Service: Because the purchasing company is no longer focusing on manufacturing products, as they are sourcing products from a private label manufacturing business, hence they are able to concentrate on improving and enhancing their customer service, leading to better customer loyalty. 
  • For the Manufacturing Company:
    Business: Private Label Manufacturers and their companies selling private label products get a big customer for their product (the store).
    Production: They can focus on making great products while the store takes care of selling them.

Real-Life Examples
You can spot Private Label products in various places, not just in grocery stores – online product listings, amazon marketplaces, Aliexpress, Amazon FBA, Flipkart, Costco, Walmart etc. Think about the store brands at your favorite clothing shop, alternative products or the generic medicines at the pharmacy. These are all examples of Private Label in action. HimPharm shares a comprehensive guide to business opportunities: Top Private Label Products for Small Businesses to Sell.

Is It Like Knockoff Brands?
It’s essential to note that Private Label is not the same as knockoff or fake brands. Knockoffs try to copy famous brand products, pretending to be something they are not. Private Label, on the other hand, is about collaboration and creating something unique for a specific company, store or business trying to target consumers for a specific product niche.

In a nutshell, Private Label is a business strategy that brings exclusive products to your favourite stores. It’s the reason why you can find some products only in specific places, creating a sense of uniqueness and a special connection between the business and its customers.
Understanding the Private Label business model opens a window into the diverse world of business partnerships, where the magic happens behind the scenes to offer you those one-of-a-kind products during your next shopping adventure.

Synonyms of Private Label

In the vast landscape of retail and marketing, the term “private label” takes on various forms, each representing a unique face of the industry. Understanding the synonyms of private label is crucial for businesses aiming to establish a strong market presence.

Own Label Products
Own label products refer to items produced by a manufacturer but sold under the brand name of a retailer. This strategy allows retailers to offer exclusive products, enhancing their brand image and fostering customer loyalty. For consumers, own label products often mean quality and affordability, making them a popular choice in the market.

Store Brands
In retail, the term store brands is frequently used to describe products marketed under a retailer’s name. These brands are unique to the store and are a testament to the establishment’s commitment to quality. Store brands provide retailers with a competitive edge, offering consumers a distinct and often more economical choice compared to national brands.

House Brand
A synonym often used interchangeably with private label is house brand. This term emphasizes the connection between the product and the retailer, reinforcing the exclusivity of the offering. House brands allow retailers to curate a unique shopping experience for their customers.

Exclusive Brand
An exclusive brand signifies a product that is not readily available elsewhere. This exclusivity creates a sense of rarity, driving consumer interest and loyalty. Retailers leverage exclusive brands to differentiate themselves in the market and attract a specific customer base seeking distinct products.

Custom Brand
When a brand is tailored to meet specific consumer needs, it falls under the category of custom brand. This approach allows businesses to cater to niche markets and build a dedicated customer following. Custom brands emphasize the flexibility and adaptability of private label products.

In the dynamic landscape of commerce, private label services have emerged as a game-changer for businesses seeking a competitive edge. HimPharm looks into diverse landscape where private label services find utility, catering to the needs of various players in the market.

Private Label Comparisons

Making Informed Business Decisions

Private labeling has become a popular choice for businesses looking to bring products to market without the burden of manufacturing. However, the decision-making process involves navigating various models, each with its own set of advantages and challenges. In this article, we’ll dive into private label comparisons, specifically examining Private Label vs. White Label, Private Label vs. Reselling, Private Label vs. OEM, and Private Label vs. Contract Manufacturing.

Private Label vs. White Label

Understanding the Basics
Private labeling and white labeling are often used interchangeably, but they represent distinct business models. Private label involves creating a unique product with customized branding, while white label entails rebranding an existing product without substantial modifications.

Making informed business decisions

Pros and Cons
Private label allows for greater brand control and differentiation, but it requires more investment. White label, on the other hand, is cost-effective but may limit brand uniqueness. Choosing between them depends on your brand strategy and budget.

Private Label vs. Reselling

Defining the Terms
Private label involves creating a brand for a product, while reselling revolves around selling products from other brands without rebranding. Both models have their merits, but they cater to different business objectives.

Advantages and Disadvantages
Private label provides more control over branding and product quality, but reselling requires less upfront investment. Deciding between them hinges on your business goals, resources, and desired level of control.

Private Label vs. OEM

Unpacking OEM
Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) refers to a company that produces components or products to be sold by another company. Private label and OEM differ in their approach to branding and product development.

Choosing Between Private Label and OEM
Private label is suitable for those seeking a unique brand identity, while OEM is ideal for businesses prioritizing cost-efficiency. Selecting the right model depends on your brand strategy, budget, and desired level of involvement in product development.

Private Label vs. Contract Manufacturing

Defining Contract Manufacturing
Contract manufacturing involves outsourcing the production of goods to a third-party company. Understanding the distinctions between private label and contract manufacturing is crucial for making informed decisions.

Comparative Analysis
Private label provides more control over branding, while contract manufacturing focuses on efficient production. Your choice should align with your business goals, production capacity, and desired level of control.

Private Label vs. National Brand

Private Label 
In essence Private Label refers to products manufactured by one company and sold under another company’s brand. Often, cost-effectiveness is the trump card for Private Labels. With lower marketing expenses and no brand premium, it’s a pocket-friendly option.  Customization is a forte in private label, allowing you to tailor products to specific market demands.

National Brand
A National Brand is a product under a brand name owned by the producer. It’s the battle between exclusivity and established reputation. Established brands, can benefit from economies of scale, potentially lowering production costs. While National brands may be rigid, but the established image has its perks. However, how crucial is flexibility in a today’s dynamic market?

Tailoring marketing strategies is essential. Private Labels often carve niches, while National Brands leverage legacy. Which strategy aligns with your B2B goals? Innovation is the lifeblood of progress. Private Labels often lead in innovation, unburdened by legacy expectations. Private Labels can champion eco-friendly practices, but can National Brands pivot successfully to align with evolving consumer values? In conclusion, the Private Label vs National Brand saga is not a one-size-fits-all. Your decision hinges on a careful examination of factors, aligning with your B2B aspirations. 

How Private Labeling Works at HimPharm

Private Label Infographic
Sourcing in Private label - The Process & Steps for private labeling at HimPharm
The Future of Private Label - A HimPharm perspective

The Future of Private Label

Opportunities and Market Analysis

The private label and contract manufacturing industry for health, wellness and dietary supplements market represents a major market opportunity today and in the coming decade. As consumer focus on wellness and preventative healthcare continues to rise globally, demand has skyrocketed for customized nutritional supplements, herbal formulations, nutraceuticals and more that are developed and branded for individual retail companies.

HimPharm offers a Comprehensive Analysis of the Current Market Scenario and Projected Future Demand Over the Next 10 Years.

Strategies for Private Label Success

HimPharm Empowers Your Wellness Journey

As we navigate the dynamic landscape of health, wellness, and supplements, private label brands stand at the forefront of innovation and consumer-centric offerings. The current market scenario reflects a shift towards personalized and holistic well-being, presenting abundant opportunities for private labels to thrive. With the right strategies in place, including a commitment to quality, innovation, and optimized e-commerce experiences, private label brands can not only meet the current demand but also anticipate and cater to the evolving needs of consumers over the next 10 years.

HimPharm shares the Secrets to Successful Private Label Supplement, Health, and Wellness Products Sourcing. To understand private labels at a deeper level, HimPharm provides a comprehensive guide –  Private Label Sourcing 101 with HimPharm Dos and Don’ts for Successful Product Development and Manufacturing

Private Label Products You Can Source

Experience the Power of HimPharm's Diverse Health, Wellness, and Beauty Product Offering: Elevate Your Brand's Success with Quality and Innovation.

HimPharm offers a wide variety of private label vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Private labeling vitamins, minerals, and amino acids allows your brand to create tailored formulations for optimal health. Whether it’s improving immunity or supporting muscle recovery, HimPharm’s high-quality supplements with nutritional labeling pave the way for a healthier future with your product listing. Choose HimPharm for exceptional private label supplements that promote the health of your customers.

Discover the benefits of natural herbs with HimPharm’s single herb extracts and nutritional supplements, available for private labeling. Our collection includes potent single herb extracts and herbal supplements. With our private label services, you can customise and brand these products for your customers. Choose HimPharm for high-quality herbal extracts and supplements that promote wellness under your private label.

Tap into the rich heritage of Ayurveda by private labeling HimPharm’s Ayurvedic medicines, herb formulas, and herbal blends. Your brand can offer consumers time-tested natural remedies for a holistic approach to well-being with the benefits of botanical herbs, herbal extracts, and nutraceutical blends. Personalize and brand these products for your customers for high-quality blends that provide  optimal health benefits under your private label.

Navigating the sensitive world of sexual wellness requires a delicate touch to ignite passion and enhance intimacy. Private label HimPharm’s sexual wellness products to provide consumers with discreet and effective solutions, fostering trust in your brand. These carefully formulated products are designed to support sexual wellness and enhance pleasure. From nutritional supplements to sensual oils and lubricants, HimPharm offers high-quality sexual health products that prioritise pleasure and well-being.

Tea is the highest-selling beverage product. Craft herbal blends or energising teas with HimPharm’s diverse tea offerings, setting your brand apart in the competitive food companies and beverage market. Choose from a wide range of herbal, green, black, caffeinated, and decaf teas, all expertly crafted for exceptional flavor and aroma. With our private label services, you can create a unique tea collection that reflects your brand’s identity and appeals to your customers. 

Nature’s golden elixir, honey, offers unique private labeling opportunities. Whether infused with herbs or in its purest form, HimPharm’s honey selections set the stage for a sweet success story for your brand. Choose from a variety of options including pure honey, floral honey, and honey infused with herbs & extracts, all customizable to create a unique brand offering. With HimPharm’s private label services, you can create a brand that stands out by offering exquisite honey products tailored to your customers’ preferences.

Versatility is key in wellness, and private labeling powders and herb mixes allows your brand to cater to a spectrum of health-conscious consumers. From protein blends to Ayurvedic powders and spice blends, HimPharm provides versatile products that deliver exceptional taste and nutritional value. These outstanding products meet the highest standards of quality and satisfy your customers’ cravings for delicious and nutritious options.

Choose from a diverse range of high-quality customizable shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, and more. HimPharm’s personal care private label products are made using premium ingredients to ensure effective cleansing, nourishment, and hydration for both hair & body. Create a unique line of products tailored to your target audience’s needs, that enhance your brand’s reputation and provide a luxurious customer experience.

HimPharm’s customised cosmetic offerings provide a platform for your brand to lead with unique and high-quality beauty products. Choose from a comprehensive selection of gels, creams, lotions, and face and body products to create a unique line of beauty products tailored to your brand’s vision. HimPharm delivers high-quality, customizable cosmetics that will elevate your beauty brand and help you unlock your true potential in the market.

Pamper your clients with HimPharm’s diverse range of private label handmade natural and gentle vegetarian soaps. HimPharm’s soap collection offers a wide variety of exquisite soaps, meticulously crafted with natural and gentle ingredients. Choose customisable options for delicate floral scents and refreshing herbal blends for a personalised touch. These high-quality, vegan soaps deliver a luxurious bath experience while maintaining a commitment to natural & gentle cleansing.

Take your self-care range to the next level with HimPharm’s essential oils. Our collection includes a variety of pure and fragrant oils, sourced from the best botanicals. They provide a wonderful scent and many health benefits. Private label oils customized for your brand, made with nourishing herbs to promote healthy skin and hair. Choose HimPharm’s high-quality, natural oils  to enhance your brand image and give your customers a refreshing self-care experience.

Give babies the best care with HimPharm’s private label baby products. The baby range is made with gentle ingredients, perfect for sensitive skin and hair, to provide the best care and nourishment. HimPharm offers high-quality baby products that focus on the well-being of babies enabling you to offer your customers natural and green options for their baby’s care.

In the competitive landscape of health and wellness product manufacturing, HimPharm stands out as a beacon of excellence in private label manufacturing. From capsules to creams, HimPharm’s diverse product range caters to a wide array of health needs. This article check out the intricacies of private label manufacturing by HimPharm, exploring the various product forms and categories they offer.

Unveiling the Diversity of HimPharm's Product Range

Capsules: A Pillar of Health

  • Hard Shell Gelatine Capsules – HimPharm specializes in the production of hard shell gelatine capsules, ensuring a reliable and stable delivery mechanism for various health supplements. These capsules are ideal for encapsulating powders, liquids, or oils, providing versatility in product formulation.
  • Hard Shell Vegan or Hard Shell Vegetarian Capsules – For health-conscious consumers adhering to plant-based lifestyles, HimPharm offers hard shell vegan or vegetarian capsules. These capsules maintain the integrity of the product while aligning with dietary preferences, a crucial consideration in today’s wellness market.
  • Soft Shell Gelatin Capsules – Balancing ease of consumption with effective delivery, soft shell gelatin capsules by HimPharm provide a convenient option for consumers who may find traditional capsules challenging to swallow.

Diverse Liquid Solutions: Syrups and More
In addition to capsules, HimPharm excels in the production of syrups, offering liquid formulations that are easy to ingest. These syrups cater to a broad spectrum of health needs, providing a palatable alternative for those who prefer liquid supplements.

Powdered Potency: Unlocking Health in Every Scoop
HimPharm’s commitment to diversity extends to powders, a versatile form that allows for precise dosage control. From protein powders to herbal supplements, the powdered range offers a variety of options for health and wellness brands.

Convenient and Portable: Sachets for On-the-Go Wellness
Recognizing the importance of convenience in today’s fast-paced world, HimPharm manufactures sachets for on-the-go supplementation. These portable packets maintain the potency of the product while prioritizing user-friendly consumption.

Beyond Traditional Forms: Gels, Creams, Lotions, and Liquids
HimPharm’s innovation transcends conventional forms of supplementation. The product line includes gels, creams, lotions, and liquids, providing a holistic approach to health and wellness. Whether for topical application or internal consumption, HimPharm’s commitment to quality remains unwavering.

Precision in Every Drop: Drops and Oils
For those seeking precision in dosage, HimPharm’s range of drops and oils delivers targeted solutions. These products are formulated with precision, ensuring that each drop contains the intended therapeutic benefits.

Cleansing and Nourishing: Soaps for Skin Wellness
In a fusion of health and skincare, HimPharm introduces soaps crafted with a meticulous blend of nourishing ingredients. These soaps not only cleanse but also contribute to overall skin wellness.

Private Label Benefits and Drawbacks

HimPharm Unveils the Pros and Cons of Private Label

Unlocking Secrets of Private Label

In the dynamic landscape of Health, Wellness, and Supplements, the concept of Private Label has been gaining significant traction. Businesses are exploring the benefits and drawbacks of Private Label strategies to carve their niche in this thriving industry. Let’s discuss the operating model and key aspects from the viewpoint of Private Label in manufacturing and marketing.

Benefits, Advantages, and Pros of Private Label

  • Unmatched Brand Control – One of the foremost advantages of Private Label in the Health and Wellness sector is the unparalleled control it provides over branding and brand identity. Businesses can meticulously craft their image, ensuring alignment with their values and customer preferences. With HimPharm at the helm, the brand narrative becomes a powerful tool for customer engagement. To understand the true power of Private Label Branding, HimPharm provides a private label branding guide for B2B purchasing companies.
  • Customization for Targeted Markets – Private Label allows businesses to tailor products to specific market segments. From ingredient selection to packaging design, every aspect can be customized to cater to the unique demands of diverse customer bases. This flexibility empowers brands to resonate with their audience effectively, driving customer loyalty and satisfaction. For example business can choose to target specific niche categories like vegan products or Ecofriendly Sustainable Private Label Solutions
  • Faster Time-to-Market – Speed is vital in the Health and Supplements industry. Private Label excels in expediting control production, control product development and market entry. With streamlined processes and HimPharm optimized strategies, businesses can swiftly respond to emerging trends, gaining a competitive edge in the dynamic market.
  • Cost Efficiency – Private Label minimizes the need for extensive research and development, significantly reducing upfront costs and enabling HimPharm to offer high-quality products at low prices. HimPharm strategies enable businesses to navigate cost-effectively without compromising product quality. This financial flexibility is a key driver behind the widespread adoption of Private Label in the industry.
  • Enhanced Profit Margins – The direct relationship between manufacturers and retailers eliminates intermediaries, leading to improved profit margins. Private Label empowers businesses to control pricing strategies, maximizing returns on investment. With HimPharm insights and low prices, businesses can optimize pricing structures for sustainable profitability.
  • Affordability – For consumers, the biggest benefit of private label products is affordability. Because these products are sold under the brand name of the retailer, they are often priced lower than branded products.
  • Variety of Options – Private label products also offer consumers a wider variety of options. Because retailers can offer their own brand of products, they can offer a wider range of products than they would be able to with branded products.

Drawbacks, Disadvantages, and Cons of Private Label

  • Limited Innovation – While Private Label offers cost efficiencies, it can sometimes stifle innovation. Manufacturers may prioritize consistency over experimentation, potentially hindering the development of groundbreaking products. HimPharm encourages businesses to strike a balance, leveraging Private Label advantages without sacrificing innovation.
  • Brand Image Dependency – Private Label success hinges on effective branding. However, this dependency on brand image can be a double-edged sword. Negative publicity or quality concerns can significantly impact consumer trust. HimPharm underscores the need for a robust brand management strategy to mitigate risks and uphold brand integrity.
  • Market Saturation Risks – As more businesses embrace Private Label, markets can become saturated with similar competing products. Standing out becomes a challenge, necessitating strategic differentiation. HimPharm recommends a thorough market analysis to identify gaps and opportunities, ensuring a unique value proposition in a crowded landscape.
  • Dependency on Suppliers – Private Label success relies heavily on reliable suppliers. Any disruption in the supply chain can have cascading effects on product availability and quality. HimPharm advises businesses to establish robust supplier relationships and contingency plans to mitigate potential risks.


Private Label Health, Wellness, and Supplements manufacturing and marketing offers both opportunities and challenges. HimPharm empowers businesses to navigate this terrain strategically, leveraging the benefits while mitigating the drawbacks. As the industry evolves, a judicious approach to Private Label can position businesses for sustainable success in a competitive market.

Why Choose HimPharm

Why Use HimPharm’s Private Label Manufacturing Services for Your Supplements, Wellness, and Health Product Manufacturing

In the dynamic landscape of the supplements, wellness and health product industry, choosing the right manufacturing partner is crucial for success. HimPharm emerges as a leader in the field, offering a range of services that set it apart. Below we talk about the key reasons why opting for HimPharm’s private label manufacturing services is a strategic decision for those aiming to excel in quality, communication, competitiveness, and more. 

Quality Matters: HimPharm’s Commitment to Excellence
In the universe of supplements and health products, quality is non-negotiable. HimPharm distinguishes itself with an unwavering commitment to producing products of the highest standards with clear standards. Their manufacturing processes adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), ensuring every product meets stringent quality benchmarks. This dedication to excellence translates to superior products that stand out in the market. Quality is extremely important when developing brands for your private label business as good quality products get genuine product reviews and five star ratings. The functional benefits of working with quality conscious manufacturing partners will reflect 

Why Choose HimPharm for Private Label Mfg

Seamless Communication: A Pillar of Success
Effective communication is the cornerstone of any successful collaboration and exceptional customer service. HimPharm understands the importance of transparent and timely communication throughout the manufacturing process. Clients can expect detailed solutions, regular updates, clear channels for feedback, and a collaborative approach that ensures their vision is realized with precision.

Unmatched Competitiveness
In a competitive market, staying ahead is imperative. HimPharm not only keeps pace with industry trends but sets new standards for competitiveness. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, streamlined processes, and a commitment to innovation, they empower clients to outperform competitors, beat competitor pricing and capture market share by meeting target price points.

Product Portfolio Diversity and Innovation
A diverse and innovative product portfolio is a strategic advantage in a rapidly evolving market to build brands and for best product selection. HimPharm boasts a wide array of products, from traditional supplements to groundbreaking innovations appealing to different product niche. This wide product portfolio and commitment to innovation provide clients with the flexibility to cater to diverse consumer needs and preferences.

Certifications Speak Volumes
Certifications are a testament to a company’s dedication to quality and safety. HimPharm’s adherence to GMP and other industry certifications ensures that clients can trust in the integrity of their products. This focus on meeting and exceeding industry standards adds a layer of credibility that resonates with both consumers and regulatory bodies.

History and Proven Track Record – Highly recommended subject matter experts
Experience and a proven track record in order processing instill confidence. HimPharm’s history and experience in the industry, the sales data of their clients, speak volumes about their ability to navigate challenges, adapt to market changes, and consistently deliver exceptional results. Clients can rest assured that their products are in the hands of a seasoned and reliable partner as HimPharm are matter experts in private label items.

Comprehensive Solutions: A One-Stop-Shop
HimPharm takes pride in being a one-stop solution for all needs related to private label manufacturing. From concept to production, packaging to distribution, they offer a comprehensive suite of services that streamlines the entire process. This end-to-end approach saves clients time, effort, and resources.

Tailored to Perfection: Customization Services
Acknowledging the diverse needs of clients, HimPharm goes beyond standard offerings with customization services. Whether it’s unique formulations, packaging designs, or specific product requirements, they tailor solutions to meet individual client needs, fostering a collaborative and client-centric partnership to get you your perfect product.

Global Reach for Global Success
The global market presents vast opportunities, and HimPharm ensures clients can seize them. With a robust infrastructure and global reach, they facilitate international distribution, fast shipping, tapping into new markets and establishing a strong global presence for their clients.

Value-Added Services
Beyond manufacturing, HimPharm provides a suite of value-added services that further elevate their offerings. Premium design services, clearance support, warehousing, industry partnerships, logistics and supply chain solutions, third-party audits, and testing are essential components of their holistic approach.

Elevate Your Brand with HimPharm – In a landscape where quality, innovation, and reliability are vital, choosing HimPharm as your private label manufacturing partner is a strategic move. From ensuring top-notch quality to offering a comprehensive range of services, HimPharm stands as a beacon of excellence in the industry. Elevate your brand with HimPharm and position yourself for success in the competitive world of supplements and health product manufacturing

HimPharm's Add On Services

Customization for Your Brand's Private Label Success

HimPharm's Private Label Add On Services

In the dynamic world of Business to Business (B2B) sales, every decision can impact the trajectory of your success. If you’re in the pursuit of elevating your brand as a purchasing company of custom products, innovative solutions, and streamlined logistics, look no further.

Are you looking to launch your own private label brand but don’t know where to start? Developing customized products, with product design and establishing a unique brand presence is challenging. From product innovation to packaging design, regulations to logistics – building a private label, sometimes with diverse product lines requires expertise. That’s where HimPharm comes in. As an industry leader in private label manufacturing and services, HimPharm is your one-stop partner for crafting branded products tailored to your business needs.

HimPharm’s Private Label Offerings Add On Services

HimPharm has a customizable portfolio across every aspect of private label development and production which is successfully used by many leading retailers, online businesses and companies. Whether you need assistance with product creation or just compliant packaging for your established offerings, HimPharm provides specialized services to meet your brand’s specific requirements.

Custom Product Development, New Product Development
Work with HimPharm’s manufacturing industry experts to create unique product formulations exclusively for your brand. Collaborate one-on-one to craft the perfect custom products based on your business vision and customer needs.

  • Research and innovation – HimPharm’s labs can analyze existing product lines and innovate new offerings
  • Formulation and testing – Our team helps in product design, formulate, refine and rigorously test custom product recipes to ensure quality and safety
  • Small-batch manufacturing – Produce limited quantity batches for testing before full production.
  • Flexibility – Customize ingredients, forms (liquids, powders, gels etc.), flavors, colors, and packaging

Bring us your product ideas and we’ll bring them to life as one-of-a-kind offerings only available under your private label. HimPharm develops products with inputs on what are the latest trends, the safe packing options and what are the mandatory labeling requirements in your country. HimPharm’s Product Team works in collaboration with you to develop a product concept around your needs, requirements & the regulatory environment.

New Innovation and Product Launch
Want to expand your private label line with new products but lack the expertise? HimPharm’s full-service new product development empowers you to regularly introduce unique items that resonate with your target consumer base to simply start selling.

Rely on HimPharm’s experience with:

  • Market research – Identify the highest potential product opportunities customized for your customers from all products produced within your target market niche based on consumer insights and research.
  • Concept design – Brainstorm and refine possibilities into winning product design from the broader range of products.
  • Formulation – Design the ingredients, form, flavors etc. from scratch
  • Packaging – Graphics, label branding, templates for shelves
  • Launch planning – Production scheduling, sales channels selection, inventory, promotions, order processing etc.

HimPharm handles the entire new product launch process – from insights to store shelves. Expand your private label line while retaining full brand ownership to start selling your dream products. If you are a beginner in the private label space, HimPharm offers The Ultimate Beginners Comprehensive Guide  to Launching a Successful Private Label Wellness Brand

Packaging and Label Design
Make a lasting first impression on consumers with HimPharm’s branding and design expertise. Attractive packaging captures shopper attention, communicates your brand story, and differentiates your private label on crowded shelves. HimPharm’s design services including support for Label design, Logo development, Insert & leaflet design, Mono-carton design, Catalogue design, Promotional material design, Product mock-up design & more customization to designs & labels.

  • Consumer research – Identify effective shapes, styles and visuals for your audience
  • Structural design – Materials, containers, dispensers and ergonomic considerations
  • Graphics and labeling – Visual identity, shelf pop, unique aesthetic fully customized for your brand
  • Production – Prototype testing to full manufacturing of designed packaging and labels

With custom structuring and bespoke graphics tailored to your private label, HimPharm ensures your products stand out.

Supply Chain and Logistics Solutions
End-to-end inventory management and order fulfillment is complex but HimPharm makes it simple. Access our extensive supply chain network and logistics infrastructure as an extension of your own private label business.

  • Storage and distribution – HimPharm’s warehouses have capacity for your fluctuating inventory
  • Streamlined processes – Seamlessly integrated systems for smooth order orchestration
  • Transparency – Real-time tracking and status updates across the complete supply chain
  • Last-mile delivery – Reliable transportation for the final leg to your warehouses. 

Outsource your supply chain operations to HimPharm and focus on strategic branding and sales while we handle all back-end logistics. HimPharm’s Shipping Teams regularly move shipments & consignments through various domestic and international modes including Domestic & International Couriers and Door Delivery, Domestic Transport by Air, Road & Rail, LCL & FCL International Sea freight, or Airport to Airport international transfers. To know more about measures to address and possible scenarios with supply chains in private label sourcing, and how HimPharm can help you achieve zero disruption in your souring Supply Chain, read A Clear Guide to Navigating Global Supply Chains for Private Label Products.

Regulatory Documentation and Approvals
Do regulatory requirements give you headaches? HimPharm’s experts manage all documentation so your branding stays compliant. We navigate regulations across global markets to clear products for sale in your target destinations.

  • Compliance expertise – Up-to-date with latest rules to ensure conformity
  • Testing and reports – Conduct evaluations for safety substantiation
  • Labeling review – Verify all text and claims are acceptable
  • Filing and dossier management – Compile extensive approval packages and liaise with regulators
  • Ongoing guidance – Monitor regulation changes and maintain compliance

Trust HimPharm’s regulatory knowledge for complete documentation, submissions and secured clearances. Protect your branding with continuous compliance.

The Benefits of Partnering with HimPharm

Benefits of Partnering with HimPharm

Developing a successful private labeling business alongside running your core business is extremely difficult. However, by leveraging HimPharm as an experienced strategic partner, you reap major advantages:

  • Accelerated expansion – Launch new products and enter fresh markets rapidly
  • Reduced risks – Minimize failure rates with HimPharm oversight
  • Controlled costs – Optimize budgets with tailored solutions instead of mass production
  • Specialization – Focus internal teams on sales and marketing while HimPharm handles manufacturing
  • Quality assurance – Stringent HimPharm protocols ensure defect-free end products
  • Convenience – Streamlined single partner for all private label requirements
  • Amazon FBA – HimPharm understands how the Amazon marketplace and Amazon FBA selling models work. Use their experience and expertise in this field to ship products to Amazon warehouses to directly integrate your private label sourcing with your Amazon Sellers account. To know more, read through HimPharm’s Comprehensive Guide on Using Amazon FBA: Mastering the Art of Selling Private Label Health & Wellness Products on Amazon, with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).      

Build your brand faster and smarter. HimPharm has the flexibility and credentials to deliver customization for your success. 

Developing a successful private label brand requires significant undertaking across all aspects of business. From sourcing and manufacturing to branding and sales – the process is complex with financial risk. However, as a leading specialist in private label services, HimPharm offers the expertise and solutions to fast-track your ambitions. HimPharm has been in this space for over a 100 years. Their experience gives them an understanding of best manufacturing practices & solutions that have been fine-tuned over the years. All this experience is available to you when you source your label products from HimPharm. HimPharm offers support at various points in your private label journey. You can gain a lot from HimPharm’s experience in the private label space. HimPharm offers A Comprehensive Guide to Mastering Private Label Sourcing by Avoiding Pitfalls and Common Mistakes, so that you can succeed in this niche space. 

Partnering with HimPharm allows you to focus solely on building awareness and revenue for your brand. Leverage HimPharm’s teams and infrastructure to rapidly turn your vision into reality. HimPharm takes care of all your needs around a private label product – from helping you conceptualize the product to manufacturing it and then delivering the product to your warehouse. Everything is taken care of by HimPharm so that you our buyer can concentrate on the most important thing – selling your product. To help you in the sourcing process HimPharm provides The Ultimate Private Label Sourcing Checklist – Your Blueprint to B2B Success. This sourcing checklist serves as a comprehensive guide to establishing and managing a successful private label business. HimPharm covers all steps in this crucial journey to ensure that you understand the significance of product quality, efficient logistics, and the process of building a strong brand presence in the market, to succeed in your private label sourcing endeavors.

HimPharm's Quality Assurance

Uncompromising Quality Assurance and Unwavering Commitment to Highest Quality Products

FAQs, Frequently asked questions

Questions & Answers about HimPharm's Private Label Manufacturing

FAQs Private Label

What are the minimums I need to order under HimPharm's Private Label ?

The minimums for HimPharm’s Private Label start from 1000 units per SKU, per order. This is true for any existing products that are already manufactured by HimPharm & where the product material is not customized.

For products that need some small alterations to the product ingredients, like a change in how the product smells, with the addition of another ingredient or the removal of one, or similarly where an ingredient is added or removed from an existing formula, the Minimums or Minimum order quantity (MOQ) can increase based on the change required in the product.

For products that are developed from scratch by HimPharm for your requirement, the minimums start from 3000 units per SKU, depending on your product requirement.

Can I order lower minimums ?

The minimums for HimPharm’s Private Label start from 1000 units per SKU per order. For lower minimums please refer to our offering under White label

Our company is in Nigeria, will HimPharm ship Private Label products to my city here?

Yes, HimPharm ships its products worldwide to different countries through Air & Sea. Fill out our Private Label contact form below to get a CIF or Ex Factory quote for your required private label product.

Our company is in Nigeria, will HimPharm ship Private Label products to my city here?

Yes, HimPharm ships its products worldwide to different countries through Air & Sea. Fill out our Private Label contact form below to get a CIF or Ex Factory quote for your required private label product.

I wish to produce a private label product but I don's have a formula?

Don’t worry, HimPharm’s product development teams will help create a formula around your needs or requirements. Fill out the contact form below. Please provide more details of the product you have in mind for an initial quote from HimPharm.

Will HimPharm ship private label products without a label - I can fix the label here on my own?

Regulations require mandatory information on product labels. HimPharm needs to state the name, address & contact for the marketing company & the manufacturer on a label. In order to adhere to these regulations, HimPharm will not ship finished products without label.

I have a formula, I want to provide the ingredients to HimPharm - can they package it for me?

HimPharm sources and manufactures all products on its own. The products go through a series of Quality tests in testing laboratories before they are cleared for dispatch.

The only exception to this is if you are a manufacturer of a certain specific product and you want HimPharm to use your manufactured product as one ingredient in the formula. In this instance HimPharm would be happy to manufacture the product around your ingredient, provided the product is tested an cleared through HimPharm’s quality control.

HimPharm will manufacture the product around your formula without taking the raw material or inputs from you.

What clients do you manufacture Private Label products for?

HimPharm views your confidentiality as very important !
HimPharm would love to talk about the exciting projects & new, innovative products that it is developing or has developed over its journey in Private Labeling – done for some of the most great & inspiring natural & organic marketing companies present in today’s marketplace, however they do maintain their partners’ privacy

Can I provide my own packaging design or do I need to use HimPharm's templates?

We welcome custom graphics that align to branding guidelines. Alternatively, we have label and package templates to suit different private label positioning.

Can HimPharm provide fulfillment if I run online D2C sales instead of retail?

No, we do not offer fulfilment or drop shipping services currently. However we work with companies that specialize in offering fulfilment, warehousing and drop shipping to your end consumers, and can make introductions to enable you to work with vetted vendors. We can also ship directly to amazon warehouses if you use Amazon FBA.

How can you ensure my product specs remain confidential from other clients?

We have stringent controls via need-based information access, traceability and systems for the virtual separation between all client projects.

Can I customize both the product and its packaging?

Yes, HimPharm’s Custom Product service allows you to tailor both the product formulation and packaging according to your brand’s identity. 

What sets HimPharm's packing and label design apart?

We go beyond aesthetics, infusing your brand’s story into every aspect of packing and label design, creating a visual narrative.

How does HimPharm simplify regulatory clearance?

HimPharm serves as your compliance ally, providing streamlined documentation and guidance to navigate the regulatory landscape with ease?

Is customization limited to certain product categories?

Not at all! HimPharm’s Private Label Add-On Service is versatile and can be applied to a wide range of product categories. From cosmetics to wellness products, the possibilities are extensive.

How long does the customization process take?

The timeline varies depending on the complexity of your requirements. HimPharm strives for efficiency without compromising on quality, ensuring you receive your tailored products promptly.

I want to pack a Private Label product in a container of my choice - is this possible at HimPharm?

Yes, HimPharm will offer the product in your chosen container. The minimums under HimPharm’s private label start from 1000 units per SKU, however the minimums in case of customised packing may or may not be more than 1000 units per order. The reason for this is that HimPharm will source the packing from a container manufacturer or supplier – the suppliers in this case have their own minimum order quantity. Based on the container’s MOQ from the supplier – HimPharm will be able to advise what the minimums for your order may be. Reach out to our our global sales team to start a conversation around your private label requirement in customized containers.

I want HimPharm to copy some product for me - Can HimPharm do that?

Yes, HimPharm can copy an existing product for you, as long as there are no infringements of legal rights or intellectual laws. HimPharm would need a copy of the label that you wish to clone.

I am based in the United States & am concerned about the US FDA label requirements around supplements for my private label product?

HimPharm offers premium design services for making label designs around your requirement. Our designers understand the labeling requirements for US bound Nutritional & Health food supplements. Our designers will provide labels which shall confirm to the latest US FDA requirements for Food Supplements.

If we were to place an order with HimPharm today, how long would it take for HimPharm to dispatch the final consignment?

You’ll love this about us- we are very fast to respond to & our dispatch timelines are just as quick. Most consignments for Private Label products get dispatched within a range of 1 to 3 weeks. For some consignments that need us to develop a new product, source some customized fancy jar & container or if there are more customization then the lead times will depend on the same.

Is HimPharm a US FDA registered food facility?

Yes, HimPharm is a US FDA registered food facility.

Can I provide the labels & the container for a private label product I order from HimPharm?

Sure, if that works with you.

However we advise most clients against it, because HimPharm has been working at Private label products for a long time. They’ve identified reliable suppliers and vendors for both containers & packing requirements. As these suppliers have been thoroughly vetted we are able to source high quality inputs. These trusted vendors work with HimPharm on a continuous basis which enable HimPharm to negotiate a better price for these inputs on your behalf.

Can I split the minimums quoted over a number of private label product that I order from HimPharm?

The minimums quoted by HimPharm are per SKU or per product pack variant. They cannot be split over a number of products. 

Can I order the material from HimPharm & use it as Raw Material in my own process?

Yes, HimPharm manufactures a long list of herb extracts, ingredients and raw herbs for the Drug & Pharmaceuticals Industry. Please refer to our Ingredients for more details or contact us with your requirement.

Can I order very small quantities of custom products to sell online to test my sales model before the full launch?

Yes, HimPharm supports small pilot batches for concept validation to minimize risks before you scale up production. 

Does HimPharm handle regulatory registration for selling my private label globally?

Certainly, our regulatory team aims to clear your branded offerings across multiple countries for international expansion.

Who owns the intellectual property for products you develop?

You fully own or co-own all IP we create together, subject to contracted terms and royalty fees if applicable.

What happens if production issues cause stock shortages that impact my sales?

Our agreements stipulate commitments for supply continuity. We also maintain contingency capacity to rapidly address unforeseen situations.

How does the New Product Development process work?

Our innovative process involves collaborative ideation, formulation, testing, and production to bring your unique product to market.

Are the Supply Chain Solutions tailored for global expansion?

Absolutely. Our solutions include warehousing, global exports, and efficient supply chain management, ensuring seamless global expansion. Read more about Supply Chain Solutions that HimPharm offers – A Clear Guide to Navigating Global Supply Chains for Private Label Products.

How does Private Labeling differ from regular branding?

Private labeling goes beyond branding; it’s about creating a unique product identity. While branding focuses on marketing, private labeling tailors the entire product to reflect your brand.

Can I use my own designs and packaging?

Absolutely. HimPharm encourages you to bring your vision to life. From design concepts to packaging, the service is tailored to accommodate your unique specifications.

Will I have dedicated support throughout the customization process?

Yes, HimPharm believes in a collaborative approach. You’ll have a dedicated support team guiding you from the initial consultation to the final delivery. Your vision is our priority.

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