Natural Lubricants

Natural Lubricants – for better smooth sex

Safe & Natural lubricant which helps provide a smooth sexual experience

We make Natural lubricants to provide an alternative safe lubricant which helps provide a smooth sexual experience, stimulate the male and female sexual organs besides making sex more pleasurable and better than ever before.

What are Healing Herbs Natural Lubricants?

Natural Lubricants is a oil based health formulations which is natural herb based safe lubricant. It has been made using good quality herbs and manufacturing practices. The Natural lubricant is safe for extended use as it is 100% natural.

These supplements contain time-tested natural and safe herbal extracts which have been manufactured as per the latest research in the field of herbs and their uses. These sexual aids try to take care of various sexual problems in the male and female reproductive organs from the root of the issue and don’t just provide a temporary relief, besides helping make sex even better.

Herbs contain active ingredients which help rectify various reproductive organ problems. For more details click on the links above to check out the ingredients used in our formulation. All ingredients used in our Herbal Natural Lubricants are herb ingredients, oils or natural extracts which have been known to help against various sexual issues.


Passion and Wellness - Discover HimPharm's High-Quality Sexual Lubricant for Your Intimate and Wellness Product Offerings

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Move Up Oil is a pure, herb based natural oil lubricant. It improves circulation and provides much-needed lubrication. It may help with other intimacy issues for both men and women. 

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