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New Product Development services offered by HimPharm

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What is New Product Development?

New Product Development at HimPharm refers to the building of a new product from scratch. It generally signifies a product that has not been made by HimPharm and shall need to be developed specially for your requirement. HimPharm develops new products all the time, based on their experience with natural products and supplements.

The Development of a new product requires considerable resources and efforts from you and HimPharm. To ensure that the new product development is a viable & cost-effective, HimPharm validates each request to develop and manufacture a new product. While these considerations are undertaken on a case by case basis, below are certain considerations that HimPharm takes into account while looking at requests to develop new products.

Requirements for new product development

HimPharm would be happy to develop a new product from scratch for you around your requirement. Below are some aspects to keep in mind around New Product development at HimPharm.

Product Category

HimPharm only develops products around the natural products category and Nutritional & Dietary supplements that can be classified under

  1. Herbs & Botanical,
  2. Foods,
  3. Coffee & Tea,
  4. Proteins, Amino-acids,Fats & Lipids,
  5. Vitamins & Minerals,
  6. Dressing & Condiments,
  7. Fruit & Vegetable Juices,
  8. Nutraceuticals, Herb Extracts and Phyto-chemicals,
  9. Natural skin care products,
Development Fee & Sampling Cost

HimPharm does not develop the product for free – it charges a development fee and a sampling cost based on your product requirement. This is because the development of the product involves a considerable amount of effort, resources and materials. It would not be possible for HimPharm to develop a product and send samples of the product for free, based on the nominal fee that HimPharm charges to develop products from scratch.

Product Copy

HimPharm will develop a copy product to your target product as long as there are no regulations, intellectual property rights or regulations that dis-allow for the copy of that product. Share the label, product sample and more details with HimPharm to start a conversation around a product that you want to copy.


HimPharm develops a new product for a specified minimum order quantity. This varies based as below

  1. For an existing product with product customization – In this case the minimums will vary between 1000 to 3000 per product SKU depending on the customization to an existing product. Examples of general customization are Addition on another ingredient, Essential Oil, Fragrance or natural ingredient for color of the product.
  2. For a new product from scratch – In this case the minimums will vary between 3000 to 5000 units per SKU on order, depending on the product formulae.
  3.  If you order more than 3 new products from scratch – HimPharm works on these requirements on a case to case basis, where minimums can only be finalized after HimPharm understands your requirement.

HimPharm does not consider new product development for quantities less than 3000 units per product SKU or existing product customization for quantities less than 1000 units per product SKU as it is not viable to develop/customize products for lower order quantities. HimPharm does not undertake new product development under its White Label offering.

Batch records, IP rights, Process

HimPharm does not share the Batch Records, IP rights & process for most of the products it develops from scratch. The reason for this is that HimPharm charges a very nominal fee for product development that does not include access for the above.

However if you are keen on getting a new product developed from scratch while needing the product batch record, process of manufacture and the IP rights for the product – contact our global sales team for a quote for Process & Technology transfer with product development.

Your Formulae

If you have a formulae that you want to develop a product around – them you’ve come to the right place. Share details of your formulae, to get a quote from HimPharm. HimPharm can offer product suggestions, develop the packaging concept and even help with designing all art-work around your product concept.

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