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HimPharm manufactures no hassles, quick to market shelf products in stock containers, with pre-designed labels that carry your logo, your company’s name and address on the label & a retail price decided by you with no restrictions on the retail price you set.

The white label service from HimPharm is characterized by its quick turnaround time, small minimums (Low MOQs) & minimum inputs from you to get products in your label.

White Label Product

Our Product,
Our stock label with your logo & company details,
Your Retail Price or MRP.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is a White Label Product?

At HimPharm a white label product is a stock product that is sold by HimPharm to a large number of retailers, buyers or clients in their brand’s or company’s names. Each buyer or client is selling the same product with no difference other than having their brand’s name & logo on the product label. The retailer, buyer or client does not modify the product, it’s packing or it’s label other than to have their company’s name or their brand name, together with their logo on the label. These products can be sold in smaller quantities to a larger number of buyers or clients to adjust for HimPharm’s manufacturing batch size.

What is a Stock Product?

At HimPharm a stock product is a product that is offered as is or with no-customization. A stock product is manufactured in a large quantity by HimPharm and is stocked for sale as white label product. No changes are made either to the product, the pack size, the packing or the label. As these are pre-decided for it enables HimPharm to keep stock of materials, packing, bottles, containers, jars and all other inputs that may be required to offer these products in very small quantities.

What is the minimum quantity to order a white label product?

At HimPharm a white label product is sold under three categories
200 units per product SKU or pack size,
500 units per product SKU or pack size or
1000 units per product SKU or pack size.

Can I order less than 200 units per product SKU?

No, HimPharm will not provide a White label product for an order quantity less than 200 units.

At HimPharm the order quantity for a white label product is available only in quantities of 200, 500 or 1000 units. Beyond 1000 units we can provide this category of products in any quantity.
The price for a product is calculated based on a number of elements - in order to remain competitive, viable and to provide quality products with best manufacturing & packaging practices HimPharm will need an order quantity of at-least 200 units per SKU.

Can I order a large variety of white label products in the same order?

Yes, you can order multiple products from HimPharm in the same order. The complete White Label list from HimPharm is available for order. You can order products in three quantities - 200, 500 or 1000 units or SKUs per product, but you can order as many products as you wish to source.

In fact a lot of first time marketers & sellers order a variety of white label products from HimPharm in the first instance to understand market demand for their branded products.

Does HimPharm ship White Label products internationally?

HimPharm ships White Label products internationally - but to select locations. To know if HimPharm ships White Label products to your address, fill in the contact form below to start a conversation.

Does HimPharm help with documentation if I am importing White Label Product(s) into another country?

HimPharm has a lot of experience in shipping internationally. They manage exports to mostly all countries through their shipping teams. HimPharm already has documentation that is generally required for import into most countries. In-case some special document, certificate or test is required, then HimPharm works with our clients to provide the additional documents.

I am concerned about meeting FDA labeling compliance, How can HimPharm help me make sure I am compliant?

HimPharm follows FDA compliant manufacturing practices & also makes sure that your labels are FDA compliant.

What does a white label product cost to source?

HimPharm offers over 140 different stock products in White Label. Fill out the contact form below with details of the product category or products you are interested in sourcing from HimPharm - we will get back with the latest prices for the complete product category or product for order quantity of 200, 500 or 1000 units.

Are there any other fees or charges, set up fees or label plate charges that are charged extra on the white label product from himpharm?

HimPharm will provide a single price (per unit or SKU price) for the selected product under its white label "request for quote". There is no Set Up fee, label design or plate charges, or other hidden changes when sourcing products from HimPharm 's White Label offering.

To request a quote - fill up the contact form below.

The price for a products is provided as

Shipping within India - The provided price will be ex-factory price for one unit or SKU of the white label product. The ex-factory price does not include GST (tax), or the surface freight (road freight) charges.

Shipping outside India - HimPharm will provide an ex-factory price or a CIF (Cost + Insurance + Freight) price at the destination. If you are sourcing from outside India, please make sure to share your address, or nearest international airport in your conversation with HimPharm. If HimPharm shares an ex-factory price, the ex-factory price does not include the cost of customs clearance or international freight to destination.

What are the packaging options for white label products?

HimPharm offers it's white label products in stock packaging. To see the available stock packaging please scroll down to see What Products can be sourced in White Label & see the available packaging option for each product category.

Why does the product label need to carry my company's name, address & Phone Number?

This is a mandatory requirement as per regulations. Also its smart in case your client wants to re-order from you or get in touch.

Why does the label need to carry HimPharm or Healing Herbs name & address?

This is a mandatory requirement as per manufacturing regulations.

Can I get a UPC code or bar code on my labels?

Yes absolutely, HimPharm will be happy to put your bar-code or UPC code on the label. While it is not a mandatory requirement, however if you supply HimPharm with the UPC code or bar code - HimPharm will include it on the label for your product.

Can I set my own retail price on a white label product? Are there any restrictions on the retail price?

Yes absolutely, you can set any retail price on your product. There are no restrictions on the retail price.

Can I change the ingredients of a stock formula?

No, HimPharm does not make changes to it's stock formula under White Label services.
If you want to source your stock formula from HimPharm, add to, take away from or alter the stock formula then it becomes a Custom formula that has higher minimums (MOQs).

What does HimPharm need from me for the white label product I order?

HimPharm needs the below from you for making White Label product(s)
Logo - Your company's or brand's Logo to go on the label.
Company details - Your company's name & full address to go on the label.
Contact details - phone number, email & website you want on the product label.
MRP or MRSP - If it is mandatory in your country to include the MRP or MRSP on the label, then the amount you want the label to carry & the currency.
EAN, UPC or Bar-code - Bar-code details, if you want a bar-code on your label.
Billing & dispatch details
- The billing & dispatch details, addresses and contacts.

That's all the information that HimPharm needs from you for the White Label product(s).

Why does HimPharm offer products under white label?

HimPharm offers the White Label products so that a client ordering from HimPharm can spread their risk over a number of products to better understand market conditions. At HimPharm we believe "everyone should have access to great quality natural products." The Team at HimPharm want to enable people to do the things that they are passionate about or love - to provide for this we offer white label products in small batch sizes so that everyone and anyone who dreams of selling great quality natural products can do so - without needing to order a very large minimum numbers to start their dreams or having to invest a large amount of funds to get started.

How can one understand market conditions through HimPharm's White Label Products?

By selling a small batch or by test marketing. Based on your initial response, market test & sales experience from the initial small batch - through Amazon FBA, Shopify shop, selling through retail or selling online from your website - whichever way that you sell, you can understand by tweaking your marketing plan what products have a demand in the market you sell. You can then order products in higher numbers for the ones moving faster & those that show traction.

Based on HimPharm's experience, we've even had clients who ordered a variety of products in small numbers under the White Label service, to then move some products from their initial order to our Private Label service so that they could customize the container & labels, get better cost on their sourcing, and scale their sales once they understood the market & demand potential for their product(s).

Can White Label Products be Customized?

HimPharm does not customize the product, packing container or the labels for White Label products. As no customization are made, HimPharm is able to offer these stock products in extremely small quantity & minimums.

If you would like to customize products, packaging or the labels then HimPharm can offer these customized products for larger minimums under its Private Label or Contract Manufacturing services.

What is included in the white label Product? Can I get a box or mono-carton to a White Label Product?

HimPharm does not customize the packing for White Label products. As any mono-carton that may need to be added, will have to be sourced. Printing services do not offer mono-cartons in such small quantity, hence HimPharm is unable to offer the White Label products with a mono-carton.

HimPharm's price for a white label product includes the below

Final Product packed in a Stock Container sealed with an induction seal, self sealing cap or shrink-wrap labeled with stock label with your logo, your company's name and address & your choice of the Maximum retail price (if its mandatory in your country to print the MRP on a product label). The complete order is then packed in CFC (Corrugated Fiberboard Cartons) to make the consignment dispatch ready.

How does white label at himpharm work?

The white label process is shown below with the help of this picture.

How White Label works at HimPharm
Click to enlarge for White Label Process

Can I source sample(s) of product(s) before I place an order?

Yes, HimPharm would be happy to send out paid samples. HimPharm gets numerous requests for samples and it wouldn’t be viable for them to send out as many samples as they send out – for free.
Charging a token sample amount + the shipping freight for these samples enables HimPharm to offer the highest quality of products that they possibly can, so that you have the freshest & best quality product available for your testing.

Can I order products without sourcing samples ?

Yes, you can order products without sourcing samples.

I received the quote & samples from HimPharm. How do i order products ?

If the quote & samples are in line with your expectations, you can email HimPharm your order - head over to contact us to see our global sales emails.
HimPharm will provide on email the documents that you will need to sign for the order - this shall include a purchase order & the supply agreement with details of the price, payment terms, dispatch dates and all other details.

How long will it take to manufacture my white label product once I have placed an order? What are the supply time lines, Turnaround or lead time?

You'll love HimPharm's turnaround time - the White label service is a no hassles, quick to market service. We generally fulfill white label orders within a time of 1 to 3 weeks.
In the interest of managing you expectations better & building better healthier relationships HimPharm provides lead times with the quote for the product.

Interested in a quote for a white label products, review the White Label products below and then fill out the White Label Contact Form for more details.

How can I find the status of my order or production run?

You'll love the communication at HimPharm!

When an order comes in, someone from our team will be made in-charge of your account. The account manager shall be the point person for all communications with you.

Your account manager shall share an email status update with you once every week with the option to get on a call to discuss the status update the next business day. If you have any queries you can reach out to your account manager on a Voice call, Skype, Facetime audio or Whatsapp audio.

Can I supply my own packaging for you to pack in or my own labels to stick on HimPharm's white label product(s)?

No, HimPharm does not accept client packaging or labels under its White Label Services. HimPharm's production lines are optimized for specific bottle sizes and label dimensions - in order to offer the White Label products at their competitive prices.

HimPharm accepts client packaging or labels under its Private Label or Contract Manufacturing services.

Will HimPharm warehouse or distribute my finished products for me?

No, HimPharm does not warehouse or distribute finished products because of limited space to warehouse as many client. However we ship all over the world and can ship the products to local warehousing companies, logistics, drop-shipping or fulfillment companies nearby that can assist you with your warehousing and distribution requirements.

How does HimPharm accept payments?

HimPharm accepts payments through multiple channels including bank transfers, wire transfers. Speak to our Sales Team for more methods of payment & payment terms for your orders.

How do I make a re-order for white label product(s)?

Just send our Sales Team an email with the details of the re-order. We'll share a proforma invoice for your requirement. Want to move quickly on the re-order - no worries - just Call HimPharm to move things quickly!

How long does the re-order take to manufacture & dispatch?

Our Sales Team will provide a new lead time or turn around time for your order with the proforma invoice for your requirement.

Have more questions?

Scroll down to our White Label Contact Form with your questions or contact our Sales Team for answers to your questions.

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